What Inspires me?

Hello everyone,

I recently started telling people I had a blog, a lot of people were surprised. Of the people I told I think only about 3 of them actually came out and followed the blog and I’m not sure if they are actually following. Some of the individuals I told were intrigued and asked about it and a question came up. What Inspires you, where do you go for inspiration?

I had to think of this a little bit and possibly over thought it. Inspiration feels natural for me, I have always had a strong creativeness to me. I am not feeling super amazing inspired all the time and I had a writers block for years. Though I was still inspired to do many other things artistic and creative. I do find inspiration from media such as magazine, novels, blogs, social sites, and the like. I also find inspiration from my daily life. I enjoy people watching and will paint a character in mind, perhaps even a short story about how the individual got to where they were wherever they are coffee shop, bus stop, etc. I find inspiration in flavours and colours, aromas and textures, people and pets, nature and architect.

You may have noticed this about me or not but I am like an obsessive hobbyist. I will find something I enjoy and get so wrapped up in it obsess over it and have this need for perfection in it. Than I will find a new hobby to obsess over and neglect the other until later. For the past 7 Months I have been obsessed with this blog and writing. The best part about this blog though is I am using it to focus or divert the obsession into sharing. So I am not neglecting the other hobbies as much because I am obsessing about them here. I am not sure that made sense but writing has become a bit of a need for me. I just have to get it out and share it here with all of you. A way to have all my hobbies and activities all in one place not getting neglected. Okay some are, I haven’t picked up the crochet hook in awhile but it’s been so hot I’m not inspired to snuggle up with my W.I.P.

It seems ideas come to me at the most awkward of times, like walking, at work, in bed attempting to be sleeping but staying awake all night. Having a notepad and pencil is great to have on hand to jot down these ideas. Or sometimes I will text or take a photo if I can of what I saw or what inspired me. Most times It will come back later if I have done that, if I don’t I risk losing the idea forever.

If your having a hard time feeling inspired, walk away from what your doing and just take a walk, taking in everything around you, or just take some time to focus on yourself and come back fresh with a clear mind hopefully full of inspiration.


7 thoughts on “What Inspires me?

  1. Oh my gosh! You sound a lot like me! I feel like I jump from one hobby to the next. My new blog is taking over my thoughts lately. I used to stress over having so many interests, but I’ve made peace with it now, and just embrace the craziness of my life. I love the way your signature is at the bottom of your post. How do you do that? And, thank you for the helpful suggestions on how to find inspiration.

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