At the Rodeo

Hello everyone,

The other day I went to the Water Valley Rodeo. The rodeo being a big part of the heritage in these parts. I had such a great time and got some really good shots of the action! It is not the easiest thing to do to take these action shot type photos and I had to sort through tons of misses but i found a few great and even terrifying shots. It was a really good day and I am looking forward to seeing ore rodeo action throughout the summer season! I hope to share more with you and I hope you enjoy these amazing photos.


Trick Horse Rider Shelby Cummings of Crazy Cowgirls Trick Riders. “Cummings is one of the best-known trick riders in Canadian rodeo, with more than 17 years experience” quote taken from Dan Singleton and his post here. She had an accident the day after I had attended the rodeo and as the article states she was in good hands and no one was severely injured thankfully.


Though I was unable to take really good photos here but she is truly incredible to watch her perform. She is so inspiring and beautiful her performance brought me to tears she gives children an opportunity to ride with her it’s so heart warming!


I got a chance to talk to her after the show she truly is beautiful humble and kind. I got an autographed photo with some of her past shows and got a picture taken with her and a friend! Too cool!


This is one of my favourite shots from the whole day I can’t believe I got such a good shot. I unfortunately do not know any of the cowboy’s names.


It was an incredibly hot day with temperatures going into the 30’s (Celsius) I got a sunburn.


I am really impressed with the turnout as well there were many spectator and after speaking with several I learned it was the first rodeo for many there which was really exciting!


This shot is truly terrifying as this cowboy gets bucked off the horse and flys through the air. Especially with the occupation I’m in when I see these things I cringe and on only imaine and can often call the injuries. Thankfully there were no injuries that I am aware of he landed safely out of the way and got up just fine phew!


I’d say it sure takes something for these guys to be able to get out there and ride those bucking broncs!

I had a few other photos of barrel racing and calf roping and bull riding bu they didn’t turn out as well. It was pretty dry too so a lot of the time you just saw a dirt cloud. I had to step away from the fence even to avoid getting dust in the face too as you can see the first few gate photos here.

Have you ever been to a rodeo? What is you favourite event at the rodeo?


5 thoughts on “At the Rodeo

    1. It’s great, no the animals are looked after really well. The most is a slight discomfort when wearing the cinch or something, but the people there are all animal lovers. You can tell they are taken care of. Think that horses and cowboys like that there are far less jobs for them nowadays so they are of a great value as many spend more time and money caring and training than they make. They show up and do a job basically the animals do like doing there job. I’d like to say the world is perfect but there’s probably somebody our there ruining it for all. Though animal welfare people are all present there’s vets and ambulance nearby if anything did happen. I’d be more concerned about the welfare of animals in movies and TV than of these rodeo animals. That industry is shady business and animals die and get hurt all the time.

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