Picking Up and Leaving Roots Behind

Is exactly what happened to my avocado plant.

Hello everyone,

Since posting Plant lady is the new cat lady it’s like my plants have completely stopped growing. If you have been following me awhile than you may remember my previous Dirty Hoe posts and that I have been having a bit of a struggle with Root Aphids. I hate them, they are miserable little beasts and I wouldn’t wish this plaque on any gardener. They are destroying my houseplants and I am helpless to stop them. Or at least that is how I am feeling. I have a couple Avocado plants that I have grown from the pit. I am pretty proud of them and up until the aphid infestation they were doing great. Check out my previous posts to see more about root aphids. The really upsetting part about this, is the infestation is pretty much invisible. It is below the soils surface so things might look pretty good above the soil line, when in reality my poor plants are being eaten alive and they are starved from nutrients.

Earlier this week I noticed that the one avocado plants was leaning a bit dramatically, I rotated it and figured within a few days it would just pick itself up again and lean the other way. Well it didn’t it continued to “fall”. Just now I went to investigate and moved the soil in an attempt to hoist it back up I gave a gentle push and the whole root system seemed to move up to the surface. So a gentle tug and out came the whole plant, or should I say what’s left of it.


The root system is smaller here than it was when I initially put it in soil.You can see that the leaves start to turn a lighter shade almost yellow looking from nutrient deficiency. The leaves are droopy and not lush and full. The root ball, barely there shriveled sad and chewed up. I rinsed the root ball as much as I could to hopefully remove any of the pests I didn’t see any they have probably moved on to their next victim. I put the plant in a glass of water for now I’m nut sure what I am going to so with it yet, see if it lives I guess.


A closer look at the root ball here, like I said I didn’t see any of the root aphids but evidence that they were here. I have been doing a bit of research on these plant demons and they have a bite that also secrets some bug juice to prevent the root from repairing the bite and regenerating. So you can see the many roots have literally been bit right off and the juices sucked out of it. There is not really any healthy looking roots here so I doubt it will recover but I will see and I’ll let you know.

I’m devastated, a part of my just wants to rip all my plants out of the dirt and forget this nightmare ever happened it’s that or watch them die slowly as nothing I have tried helps. Remember friends this is my indoor houseplants so these critters came into my house either from a plant I bought from a greenhouse, or from the soil I purchased. I have learned my lesson the hard way and I urge you if you get a new plant or new soil, quarantine that first and do not introduce it to the rest of your plants until you know for sure it is not infected. It won’t take long for these nasty little death bringers to bring devastation to your plants.

I keep searching the internet and other resources in the hopes someone has posted a miracle fix that I have not tried yet but still just mostly posts from dope growers stating they are suffering from this miserable critter.

I am open to suggestions if you can think of anything at all that might help please, let me know.



8 thoughts on “Picking Up and Leaving Roots Behind

  1. So sorry to hear this! I googled aphid control and next to all kinds of pest control sprays I found a couple of articles and even a youtube video. Apparently there is no way to get rid off these bugs once and for all but there are ways to keep them away with regular routine treatments. Hope you’ll find a solution! xx

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  2. Aphids are the bane of my gardening existence and the reason I no longer do it. I was a balcony gardener, so I don’t even know how the friggin’ little buggers (heh) managed to even get on my plants in the first place, but every year round about the end of June my plants would suddenly be covered in aphids, and that was that. They leach every bit of life out of them so they won’t bloom, and their growth stunts right there at Aphid City. Sorry to be so doom and gloom about it, but for real, little bugs chased me off an activity I otherwise quite enjoyed. Know what else I enjoyed? Setting them on fire. Lighter + aphids = SATISFACTION.

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    1. Oh that’s frightening. I feel I am close to that breaking point as well. Sucks because this particular demon spawn of aphid is under the soil so I can only really see them when I pull the plant out of it’s dirt. I bet it would be fun to light em up, stress relief right there am I right!?

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