NOTW – Into The Wild

Hello everyone,

I am so impressed with how these turned out! I used my new brushes I talked about in last weeks post. I am loving them so much they are perfect and worth the splurge! I was concentrating so hard painting this stripes that I forgot to breathe! It was my first time trying this look with the striping brush so I’m thrilled they came out looking so good! I’ve seen this look out there before and had them too, I used a nail printing machine to get the look though. I always loved he way they look so I just had to recreate the look and I’m glad they look great! Again another manicure I gave my mother that I wish I was wearing. You’ll have to wait until next week to see what I am wearing!

We did this nail art the night before going on a huge shopping spree for my mother. She got a fabulous haircut, new shoes and a few awesome new outfits! We bought some pretzel snack at one of he stores we got a pair of pants from and there was something gross in the bag I don’t know what it was. It was disgusting and we have been referring to it as pretzel leather kind of looked leather flat and smooth brown colour with flavour on it and I may never be able to eat those pretzel snacks again. So we returned the item and the lady even gave us a redemption and so the pants were free it was that gross. So even though we were grossed out we got a super saver on the pants! We were exhausted by the end of the day but it was so worth it, we got so much cool stuff for my mom. We had a lady ask us about where we got our nails done and they were super impressed and surprised to hear I did them. She was thinking that I was a professional and was even more surprised when I said I just did them for fun!


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