Try Me – Part 3

Hello everyone,

I am still working on getting all these samples used up. I know it’s been a long while since I posted a Try Me, this is actually part 3 so far of the “try me” series. Try me is basically me going through my samples I’ve collected and actually trying them out and reviewing them here. If this is interesting to you than please go back and check out Part 1 and Part 2! So far doing this I have discovered some really great products! In fact several of them I have gone out and purchased the full size or am planning on purchasing the full size! I am hoping this trend keeps going and I find some more hidden gems in that ridiculous pile of unused samples I have collected. I started this feature in an attempt to do some housekeeping and clear out a bunch of stuff I don’t use or need. I’ve been going through my whole home room from room and giving them an overhaul and a “cull” of these items I no longer need to hold onto.

Avene Akerat – Smoothing Exfoliating Cream

This product is designed for extremely dry and rough skin. I can’t exactly say I have dry or rough skin so I tried this on my feet as it’s the only place on my body that has rough skin. It says you can use this twice a day and not on any open wounds or cuts. It has no scent what so ever and absorbs into the skin easily it is not greasy or oily at all! As I mentioned I don’t really have extremely dry or rough skin but it sure did help soften the heels of my feet. It’s sensitive to the skin and effective at least for my purpose. I would absolutely purchase this if I had the need for something fr really dry skin!

Avene Xeracalm A.D. Cleansing Oil

I have a bit of psoriasis that happens only in my hairline I used to mistreat it as dandruff wondering why no dandruff shampoos worked on it. I only recently discovered what it was and some products bother it more than others. This cleansing oil says it is designed for individuals with itching associated with atopic dermatitis and eczema. I decided I would give it a go on my scalp and see how that went. I lathered a little bit in my hands and gently lathered into my hairline and my scalp. It did have a light lather to it and was really gentle didn’t irritate the scalp in the slightest. It took care of the issues I was having and though I may not use this every time I wash my hair as it is expensive to use as a shampoo I may just have to get the full size to keep the itchy psoriasis under control.

The other Avene item here I couldn’t find online anywhere to link to it so I can only assume it has been discontinued or replaced so I ignored it as it will do me no good to review something that is not even available for purchase.

Gud from Burt’s Bees in Pearanormal Activity

Wow, friends the first thing I noticed was the overpearing scent that exploded out as soon as I opened the package. I usually am all for smelling super sweet and candy scents are often my favourite but this a bit much even for me. I was hesitant to even put this on after smelling the sickeningly sweetness but I went in for it anyway. As soon as this hit my skin the smell quickly went sour, I had to wash it off and I couldn’t tell you how moisturizing it was because I couldn’t handle it. I’ve never been a fan of Burt’s Bees products and this just scared me away further… oh and induced a scent headache yuck! I’d rather go smell an onion until I cried than this product.

Tokyo Milk Honey & The Moon

This scent was not for me, it is described to have fragrance notes of sweet honey, sugared Violet, jasmine, and sandelwood. I wanted to love this for the rich honey and sweet smell. Something about the sugary violet sours the scent for me. It does not wear on me well and I had to take it off. I’ll stick to Tainted Love reviewed in Try Me Part 1.

Lollia in Calm

Again this fragrance is not doing it for me, Not sure how I got all the good ones the first go at Try Me I loved Lollia in “Wish”. It’s flowery and citrus scented, I think the two scents I am the least keen of all mixed into one. I learned I am really not a fan of perfume lotions lotions that have a nice scent is one thing but these perfume lotions don’t do the actual perfume much compliments the scent as much as it wasn’t for me, the actual perfume smelled better and lasted longer than the hand cream.

Marrakesh Oil

I think I actually got this one from the hair salon once and totally forgot to try it out. I tried it the other day on slightly damp hair. I than blow dried my hair as I didn’t have time to let it naturally dry. I have been doing really good at staying away from using heat on my hair. I really like the scent of the rich Argan oil that I have now associated with hair so I have it in my mind if it smells like argan it goes in my hair. I know it’s silly but I love it and it left my hair super shiny and healthy looking.


That’s the end of Try Me for today but I got more of where that came from hopefully it doesn’t take me as long next time to actually try these samples out. I am so proud of myself though for sticking to it and clearing through the sample pile. Let me know if there is something here you tried and feel free to try it out. These are only my opinions and do not actually reflect the brand or company we are all entitled to our opinion. As with most of cosmetics and beauty products not everything is going to please everyone it is a personal thing.


4 thoughts on “Try Me – Part 3

  1. Great Post, thank You!

    And thank you also for being the first person I found who shares my horror at Burt’s Bees! I do not understand the fuss over this brand. Especially considering how STRONG their fragrances are, even in items like face cream. Most product lines (including the soaps I make) have scent listed almost last in ingredients and that is because ingredients have to be listed in order of quantity (the first on the list is what the product is mainly made of, the next highest amount will be second, and so on) check where fragrance (or parfum) is on a Burt’s Bees’ product, … usually in the first five ingredients! I truly have not found any other cosmetic with such a high level of fragrance.

    I’ll look forward to your next review post and if you ever want some more products to checkout please drop me a line! Always love feedback!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh yes I don’t get the hype everything I have ever tried from that line I have disliked or had a reaction to the perfum there is just so much in it! Yes I’ve been meaning to get to you I am very interested and honestly I had forgot about that I’m sorry. I do intend to try out your product I am always interested in supporting local Canadian made products!


      1. Thank you very much, that is very kind of you! (An really not why I mentioned my products!) If you are interested in a little collaboration we’d be delighted to work with you for one of your excellent reviews! Please feel free to contact me privately.

        Liked by 1 person

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