Monday Motivation – Fly Away

Hello Everyone,

A little while back my brother and myself had some business to take care of that was rather unpleasant. I’m not going to get into it too much I am not really ready to talk about the whole thing just yet but I am in the process of healing and do plan to write about it. Anyway the whole trip we had to take was rather upsetting and due to the circumstances we were unable to achieve what we had sought out to do that day. We were grumpy, upset rather emotional, and confused.

We had all day in a city away from home and nothing to do. To not have the day be an entire fail we decided to do something, anything to get our minds off of the ridiculous morning so off to the Calgary Zoo we went. That’s where I snapped this picture in the butterfly gardens.

I hadn’t been to the Zoo in such a long time and never since the flood in 2013. If you are not familiar with this the city of Calgary has a great river flowing through it called the Bow River. It really is something else it comes down from the Rocky Mountains from the West. I’ll have to show you it one day. Anyway in 2013 the river freakishly flooded and tore through the city devastating much of the city. The Calgary Zoo is actually partly an Island on the Bow River so a major rescue had to take lace and the Hippopotamuses almost escaped down the river. It was absolutely terrifying, that’s where the term Hell or High Water started making it’s way into the lives of Albertans. In fact the same as there is now with Alberta Strong many artists came forward and wrote songs about this time too.

I am happy to share this story today because Alberta was able to recover and rebuild from this I know we will do the same for Fort McMurray. If you not sure what I am talking about go back and check out my Alberta Strong posts here and here.

We might not always get to do what we intend to do but sometimes if we spread our wings and have strength we get to do something so much better.


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