NOTW – Handful of Posy

Hello Everyone,

I was actually inspired to do these nails after seeing many fashionable garments that were a black silky or satin texture with painted flowers. I loved the fashion and though I couldn’t find my own I had to have it! So here on my nails a bouquet of painted flowers on a satin finish polish.

I have still been playing with the acrylic paint and really trying to improve my skill when it comes to these designs. I even ran out and got some beautiful new brushes just to work on my nails more.


I piked these up from Sally’s Beauty Supply, I think they are so beautiful I love the detailed design on the the brushes themselves. they are easy to work with and I am excited to use them for more nail designs!

I was looking at my weekly stats rating and every week, Nails of the Week is the least viewed. It still gets a good view and it is one of the things I look forward to each week so don’t worry the feature is not going anywhere it is just something I noticed. Most likely it’s because Nail Art appeals to a smaller portion of my following.

If you are of the following who does come out to see NOTW thanks for stopping by and liking today’s post!


4 thoughts on “NOTW – Handful of Posy

  1. I love Nail of the Week because my hands are pretty plain. I don’t do anything fancy to my nails. I just love looking at your creativity. So inspiring! Those brushes look very nice.


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