Nyx on the go palette review

Hello everyone,

I have had this in my possession for quite awhile now I’m not going to lie I think I picked it up around Christmas holidays when all those amazing makeup display went up. I really did mean to review and do this a number of times in fact I have done swatches and photo shoots for it a coupe times already but never actually got right into it.

I went into a drugstore I don’t normally go because they were carrying Balm Cosmetics and I wanted to get my hands on some. I left without it that day and grabbed for this guy instead I mean I was making a choice over trying something new and only getting 3 eye shadows for basically the same price of something I had already knew I like and getting 36 eye shadows, 3 contours, 3 highlighters, 3 blushes, and 7 lipstick shades. I mean seriously how could I resist that! Even though I have had this for awhile I still haven’t used the palette to it’s potential. I have found some favourites for sure and I’m not about to swatch every colour that would be crazy, but I swatched my favourites for you!


When you first open the palette you are presented with a wide range of pressed pigments, shimmery shades neutrals, bold, warm and cool eye shadows. If you look at each row from top to bottom it is laid our in a way that compliments each other and you can see combinations that work well together. I didn’t notice that at first I was just a makeup addict that went gaga for this.


The eye shadows slide out to the side revealing even more makeup treasure. As you can see the contours, highlights, blushes, and lipsticks. I honestly haven’t really done much with the lipsticks I only tried one. I doubt I would get a lot of use for them only because if I went and wore them out how would I touch it up later unless I bring the palette with me. However there is a great variety of shades and I’d say they resembled the standard creamy NYX lipstick formula nothing special.


Above are the swatches of my favourite shades, find them below starred left to right top to bottom.


Like I said I barely touched all the colours here but I certainly have my favourites. I did not use a primer when I swatched these so you can see there is some good pigment payoff. With a good primer these look incredible on the face!



Nothing too exciting about these and I really did not jump on the major extreme contour buss so I just used these a little as a bronzer but not too much.



I love these highlighters I use the quite a bit. I laid them on a bit thick looking for the post but they blend in really nice with my fan brush and give a nice highlight.


I am in love with these blushes! I don’t have anything quite like them in my blush collection so they are a great addition to the collection.

This palette really does come with a lot and it does travel pretty well as it feels fairly sturdy and comes with a nice mirror. I’m thinking this was a limited edition seasonal thing I don’t know if you can still get it.

I actually just looked it up and found it online so if you are feeling like you need this in your life you can find it here.

Just like that I finally did this review and swatch post for you!


6 thoughts on “Nyx on the go palette review

    1. It’s incredible! I appreciate the quality of them and its a decent amount or product too. There are just do many looks that can be created using this alone.


  1. Great review! I do the most of my makeup with this palette and I love it. I got it last Christmas too 🙂 I always use the highlighters and bronzers, I think they are perfect for my skin tone. I never use the lipsticks for the same reason as you. The blushes are gorgeous, but I never use them because I don’t like how they look on me lol.

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