Signs of Spring in a Wintery World

Hello everyone,

This is actually from a couple weeks ago and I just hadn’t had the time to share these with you but these pictures are truly something else. Just behind My Mothers home is a small lake and we had planned to take a nice afternoon stroll out there and take in the beauty while getting some exercise. The weather quickly changed to some crazy spring snowfall but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our walk in the park.


It’s been so dry so I am sure the landscape appreciates the moisture any way it can get it.


I don’t think we will be sitting down to a nice picnic on the lake today.


This little guy swam an awful long way to get that piece of grass for his home. We were actually standing on a bridge and watched him swim out from under it before disappearing under the water to his home with his treasure.


There was a surprising amount of Duck and Geese out on the lake unfortunately my camera was unable to capture them all.


It’s hard to tell here but this is a red winged blackbird that came to sing to us.

After this I pretty much put the camera away to protect it from getting wet. I will have to go on a walk here again soon so you can see the lake in all it’s glory when the snow is not actually surprising us all in the wrong season.


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