Monday Motivation – Alberta Strong

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would give you a brief update about what is going on in my home province. A couple weeks back I did an Alberta Strong Monday Motivation Post briefly going over a devastation happening here in Alberta.


They are hoping to start a phased re-entry into the city starting June 1st and hopefully completed by June 15th as long as conditions are favourable. At the time I am writing this (Sunday May 29th) the fire is still currently burning in both Alberta and Saskatchewan and is estimated 580,000 hectares in size. They are saying the ash is reaching all the way to Spain. Click this link to see photo’s from NASA of the smoke plumes.

What is really motivating about this whole terrible situation is just how much the province, the country, and beyond have really come together to help out for this natural disaster. So many that we had to decline additional air relief from Russia (mostly because they do not know the terrain well, the skies are dark and hard to navigate through the smoke, and to avoid any air traffic and crashes of those currently fighting from the air). 300 firefighters from South Africa arrived to help. There are more than 2,200 firefighters currently fighting this fire, about 300 from the United States, with about 95 helicopters, 263 pieces of heavy equipment and 24 air tankers. Businesses and people all over are raising funds to help the displaced residents and relief efforts are truly inspiring. Everything from fundraising to volunteer’s to musical benefits, everyone is coming together to their part.

There are some photos if you follow this link showing some photo’s from a 1st responder. Every time I see these images I choke up they are terrifying but at the same time inspiring to see the brave individuals out there on the front lines.


This interactive map shows how quickly the fire North of me spread and how far in such a short time.

There is an incredible story posted here in Maclean’s Fort McMurray Fire The Great Escape By Jason Markusoff, Nancy Macdonald and Charlie Gillis. I highly recommend that you pop over there are read this story. 

A quick search in Youtube brings up many many great artists with songs dedicated to Alberta and most specifically this event. I listened and listened and could not pick a favourite so here I go listing them please stop by and listen to these incredible artists.

** Warning some of the images shown in the videos are terrifying **





A couple of tribute video’s



Thanks for reading and I do hope you stop by and check out the links and videos in this post.



Global News

Facebook Alberta Strong

CBC News

Globe and Mail




9 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Alberta Strong

  1. This is going to sound like I live under a rock, but I had no idea. I don’t watch the news much.

    My husband used to fight forest fires, it is hard work. My heart goes out to everyone working on those families and their families at home waiting for them to return.

    Thank you for posting this and for the links.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t really watch the news or that either but this is happening in my own backyard. It’s extremely hard work and has been devastating for so many. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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