What Is Your Poison? Strawberry Daiquiri

Hello everyone,

Today is the first actual post of my new feature. Honestly I had almost forgot I was doing this and had to do some serious searching for something I had the ingredients for. I came across this Strawberry Daiquiri. More like an adult slushie mmm

I looked at so many strawberry daiquiri recipes there are so many different ones, I picked the best combinations I could see by combining several variations of the recipe. The recipe’s that was most inspiring came from Allrecipes here and Epicurious here. As you can see I have done a combination of both subbing that pineapple juice, I tried it without at first but it really does need that splash of acid to balance out the flavours.

Strawberry Daiquiri


2 oz White rum

1/4 cup sugar

1 cup strawberries fresh or frozen

1/4 cup lime juice (pineapple juice)

10 ice cubes

lime wedge

Sugar for rim


with lime wedge rim the edge of the glass. Sprinkle sugar on a plate and and dip the rim into sugar swirling to coat it.

Combine remaining ingredients and blend until desired consistency.

Garnish with a lime wedge

I crushed my ice first and than added my remaining ingredients to achieve this slush like consistency. Also I had no lime juice so I replaced it with pineapple and pineapple juice! Amazing!

This recipe made two drinks using the slush method

I hope you enjoyed the first official post of this new feature, I am still deciding whether it will be a monthly or bi-weekly feature but it most definitely will be on Friday’s. I hope these posts are received well and as long as they are I will keep doing them. If there is a particular party recipe or pinterest you would like to see you can leave me the link and I might just try it out!


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