Let’s Talk About Hair

Hello everyone,

I did it I cut my hair and a lot of it. My hair for a long time was a very sensitive subject for me and I talk about that a couple times on here already please check those posts out Arctic Blonde and The Many Shades of Grey.


I this picture you can see the damage and dry hair just past my shoulders also that’s where the old hair colour is from when I was still colouring it. At this point the hair was so dry and damaged brittle to the touch I didn’t even like it touching my skin so I would just throw it up in an up do and not have to worry about letting the Arctic Blonde show. If I am to truly embrace my natural hair colour and bring my hair back to life something dramaic had to be done.


First I wanted to show you how beautiful the grey hair is looking since I started using the Touch of Silver products. no filter natural light. The hair almost appears white now and not so brassy yucky grey but beautifully Arctic Blonde.


I have had so many comments about my Arctic Blonde lately and lots of people are asking if I coloured it to look this way. Also because I think most people are shocked to see someone so young sporting this particular hair colour. So I made you wait long enough my fantastic new hair cut!


My hair is looking beautiful and shiny healthy new again. No more dead dying old coloured hair. I had to take a lot off just to get rid of all the damage but now I can start out new and give my hair the good treatment it deserves and no more abusive harsh colouring chemicals. This is the shortest I’ve had my hair in a really long time and it took a lot of bravery for me to get it all chopped off but I am so glad I did and my confidence level has definitely improved!


16 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Hair

    1. I have not tried it no, probably way more gentle than other colouring options. I’ve been seeing such good results from using purple shampoo, I get asked almost daily if I tinted my hair grey so it’s working for me. Thanks for the suggestion I’ll take a look!


  1. Looks great! I gave up coloring my hair about 2 years ago because of the damage it was doing. Now I definitely look like Nana, especially around my face, where all the gray hangs out! But my hair feels so much better. Love your new cut!

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