NOTW – Acrylic Paint

Hello everyone,

I was hoping to have a nail event today where I had a bunch of friends come by and get their nails done by yours truly, but I had to cancel. Just goes to show you men don’t always listen when you tell him things and he went and scheduled something the same day. I think I will still have the nail party so I can get ahead in my posts and take some time off for summer fun! We will see.

For this post I did something different, as I started doing nail designs using acrylic paint I was curious to see just how well the manicure would last using only acrylic paint. I sponged on the paint in a very thin layer using my base coat and top coat that I have been using for awhile now every week. The paint I just picked up at a dollar store, I didn’t figure I needed anything super fancy for this.

I took this photo after wearing the acrylic paint for about a week, I am noticing some chipping and a little shrinking but it lasts pretty good I’d say I am happy with those results some higher end nail polishes don’t last that long.  I’d say cheap acrylic paint with gel top coat lasting a week is a win!

Thanks for stopping by and check me out next Sunday for more Nails of the Week

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