April 2016 Favourites

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my favourites post for the month of April. It has been record breaking hot here and today as I write this is a heat warning in my province. We are desperate for rain here, even more so because we barely got any snow last season either so the ground is lacking a lot of moisture this year. It is kind of scary actually as arts of the province burn uncontrollably.

I have been trying out sunscreens and am preparing a sun safety post this month hopefully I get that out soon for you. I have lots of good posts coming I am so excited about.

So onto my favourites for this month,  I have started to change over my routine from winter to spring. I tend to wear less makeup and use less products over the summer months. The products I do use tend to have more sun protection as well.

First off on my list is a new product for me.

Real Aloe Aloe Vera Spray

I actually picked this up for my spouse he works outside and no matter how much sunscreen he uses guy comes home with sunburns and dry skin. I love that this comes out in a spray so you don’t have to rub it on sore skin. It is 99% California grown Aloe Vera, Organic, and cruelty free.  I love that it is also unscented I am loving this product, I have been having a hard time finding an Aloe Vera product that does not have alcohol in it. So I was so happy to have found.

Organix Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

The smell of this is so beautiful I absolutely love it! This sea salt spray is typically used for individuals with curls or to make beach waves. My hair is really straight and I can barely get a curl in. I have been using this more as a texture spray in for up does. My hair is really long and thick and I need it up in this heat. For some added va va voom spritzing a little of this gives me just a it more volume and texture for a messy bun. I have been experimenting with heat-less curls and trying to achieve my own little beach wave but it’s not looking good. I’ll keep trying and perfecting hopefully soon I will get it and if I do I’ll share with you.

Marcelle Sheer Tint Fluid Moisurizer

I love this stuff I have been using it for years! It has an SPF 15. I use this in the warmer months. It is not a full coverage but it really does help even out the skin tone. It is a wonderful moisturiser that does not break out my skin. It is hypo-allergenic which I appreciate as a lot of BB creams or products with SPF really irritate my face this product does not it remains one of my favourite products.

Carmex Lip Balm Cherry Tube

I have been really loving this product it helps heal lips and protects with SPF 15. Again a product with SPF that does not irritate my skin always a win. A must have in the warm months to protect my lips from sun damage it is so moisturising and can easily be layered with my lipsticks r other lip products.

The next two products are actually from my NYX haul the other day

NYX Pin Up Tease Mascara

I have been loving this mascara it has replaced the other ones I have been using this month. It gives a really nice curl to it and though it is not as dramatic as I like it it’s just enough to get me through the workday. My complaint is it is really trouble some to get off and when I think I got it all off I wake up the next day to find black specs of it in my hairline and brows like what the hell I thought I got it off. That story sounds gross but this is definitely a mascara that needs more than a quick cleanse of makeup wipe. I have been using both to fully remove it and even than I am worried I am not getting it. It’s so easy to use and goes on really easy I almost want to go back to the drug store where I got it and hopefully that super sale is still on and I can get another tube.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow

I have never really been into cream blushes before but wow this has really converted my. I am loving it so much. It has an incredible colour payoff so a lighthand is needed for application. It lasts a long time and really gives a natural awake looking flush that I am all over this season. paired with my tinted moisturizer this is a great addition to my spring makeup look.

I am hoping to do a full review here quick with all the products shown from the NYX haul. Spoiler not all items even came close to favourites but I’ll get to that in the review hopefully coming soon!


on Netflix I had a marathon on this series. It is not the most mind stimulating show I ever watched but it had just enough drama to jeep me interested plus there are some really good looking actors and actresses in this show to be visually appealing. The fashion is a nice touch as well over all a really pretty super drama show. I only partially pay attention when watching shows like this it’s more of a background noise to me and shows like this are my secret weakness.


Favourite  music  this month from one of my favourite artists


That’s it for this month and my current favourites for this month.


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