Motivation Monday – Run Free

Hello everyone,

The river itself chips away at it’s banks and changes course. Untamed and free as long as water flows through, it lives. Nothing should hold us back from doing what we want to do experiencing all that we want and forever learning and growing. Ever changing as we flow free!

I am reminded recently that life is way too short and endings come, they may not be happy fairy tale endings but that’s no reason our life can’t be happy. When opportunity presents itself go get it there may never be another chance. I’d feel terrible with myself if I looked back and said yea, I could have done that but I chose not to because I was embarrassed  or something. I feel the same way with food I’ll taste it at least once so I can scratch it off my list. I get clean eating and all but do you really want to miss out on tasting only the best triple chocolate brownie you’ve ever had? I certainty don’t. That is why I don’t diet and I never will, eat a balanced healthy diet but why limit myself on what I am allowed to eat, if it tastes good and it makes me healthy I’ll have it within moderation.

I want to learn and try just about everything at least once. This is probably why I have not actually sat down to do a bucket list, I would never be done adding to it. I should write one and list pretty much everything. Don’t let fear, or diet, or anything stand in your way of doing things that you want to do. I feel sad when someone denies themselves a simple pleasure because a TV doctor said there might be germs on that, or something along those lines. I feel as though, and especially with the younger generations that we are experiencing first hand, less and less. Kids, teens, and adults alike glued to devices watching other people experience these things. When I was a youth I didn’t have a device or a google search. I went out and played and got dirty all the time. You couldn’t keep me inside even if you wanted to, I don’t have kids personally but I see my friends always fighting to get their kids outside to play. A vitamin D deficiency epidemic amoung today’s youth.

Today get out there and do something you never have before, try something new, or pick something you don’t know a lot about and teach it to yourself. Whether it is trying a new food, learning a new skill, flying a kite, starting a garden whatever it may be don’t hold yourself back today just flow free!


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