Monday Motivation – Alberta Strong

Hello Everyone, I thought I would give you a brief update about what is going on in my home province. A couple weeks back I did an Alberta Strong Monday Motivation Post briefly going over a devastation happening here in Alberta. They are hoping to start a phased re-entry into the city starting June 1st and hopefully completed by June 15th as long as conditions … Continue reading Monday Motivation – Alberta Strong

What Is Your Poison? Strawberry Daiquiri

Hello everyone, Today is the first actual post of my new feature. Honestly I had almost forgot I was doing this and had to do some serious searching for something I had the ingredients for. I came across this Strawberry Daiquiri. More like an adult slushie mmm I looked at so many strawberry daiquiri recipes there are so many different ones, I picked the best … Continue reading What Is Your Poison? Strawberry Daiquiri