For your support

Hello everyone,

I just want to take this time today to thank so many of you who stopped by my Monday Motivation post this week and to those who left such kind words to me. It’s been a very tough go with this loss because those involved are just so young. Not knowing what actually happened is really hard as well and the tests won’t come back with an actual cause of death for about 6 months. The unknown is terrifying and the mind races to try to figure it out or justify with no avail. We can have the comfort though, knowing he passed quietly and painlessly in his sleep. The pain, we share, as the ones he leaves behind. It is going to take a lot of healing to get through this for all of us.

In this tragic event I am giving a sense of hope, the community has really come together to help and support during this time. I am blown away by the generosity of others as they open their hearts and love. It’s hard to have the words to say, when someone says “I am sorry” a typical response being “it’s okay”, but it’s not okay, so my only response is thank you. Thank you for thinking of us, thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to stop and let me know you care.

Thank you


7 thoughts on “For your support

    1. It absolutely is, so heartwarming, in times of great sorrow it can be trying to do simple things like prepare a meal or house work. Having such a wonderful community helping as they can gives hope. Thank you much!

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    1. Thank you, for the award. As I go through this time of mourning I am noting what’s happening to me and have already begone an article myself. I loved yours very nicely written and a great reminder. Thanks so much for the nomination as well I appreciate it! Stay inspired!

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