Monday Motivation – Time

Hello everyone,

Last week my family had a great loss. My brother in law suddenly and unexpectedly died in his sleep. This man was so young at 31 years old and leaves behind two very young boys and a wife. We are all devastated by this loss as it took us all by surprise. If I hadn’t already wrote and scheduled posts for this week there would have been no blog activity. This is the first thing I have wrote since the tragedy and at this time we still don’t know how exactly he died. It’s going to be painful for a long time for all of us. Many of us have not slept and I find myself checking through the night if my spouse is still alive. I know it is always sad to have a loss but I am having a hard time with this one, I guess because everyone else who died in my life it was foreseen either by old age, disease, or hazardous lifestyle. This death has left us reeling because he is so young, and in fact had made plans the day before dying to get together with us. I wasn’t the closest to this man only through family events. My sorrow comes mostly for those he leaves behind. A young stay at home mother of 27 years old, a widow, a single mom with two boys to raise under the age of five. It’s heartbreaking, as I write this to you tears stream down my face. Time is one thing you can spend and never get back. Grab the ones you love and make sure they know you love them because you just never know.


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