NOTW – Cherry Blossom

Hello everyone,

Every other week I have been going over to my mother’s house to do her nails for her too. This gives us some fun mother daughter bonding time and we get beautiful fancy nails done by yours truly. My mother never really wears a lot of nail polish and never really did growing u but she has the most stunning long strong nails I have ever seen. I’m so happy she lets me paint them and she is loving the attention her nails are getting after I do them.

This week was a little different I had a friend over as well and had my work cut out. so we all have fancy cherry blossom nails!


I was a little bit unsure if I liked the way these came out but I have already received so many compliments so I must just be over analyzing. Anyway hope you likes this weeks NOTW and I’ll see you next time! Loves!


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