NYX Haul

Hello everyone,

Seriously all NYX 50% off! I couldn’t resist myself and splurged. I will absolutely be back for more too. I’m not sure if the sale has anything to do with L’oreal acquiring NXY but I am not complaining I’ll take the sale! I can’t wait to try out all my new makeup! I tried to pick up stuff that was new to me so I could give a review on product I have never tried so look out for that coming!

I was trying to save hod back my makeup budget a little more while I work on a new wardrobe but seriously I am a sucker for a good deal and I have had a lot of good experiences in the past with this line so I am really excited about my little haul here! Watch with my luck I’ll find something here I absolutely love and it will be discontinued due to the whole L’oreal acquiring this brand thing..


5 thoughts on “NYX Haul

    1. I picked this up at my local drug store, it’s an independently owned location so it is not company wide. Honestly I think that store is deciding not to carry the line anymore. Hopefully they bring in something amazing to replace it!

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