NOTW – On The Wild Side

Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your fabulous weekend so far, I know I am! Nothing like an awesome manicure to lift my spirits. If you have been following my NOTW for awhile you may have already seen this beautiful colour before on Shine Brightly. I absolutely love this shade “Poptastic”from Color Club. I am wanting to have more shades from this collection they are so vibrant and incredible.

This look is ridiculously easy to recreate. I drop a little bit of the colour on a Ziploc bag and with a toothpick I make different sized and shapes using one colour. Than using another colour along the outer edge of the original mark. Best part your marks don’t even have to be perfectly shaped to look good so even beginners to nail art can easily have a seriously beautiful manicure. I love using colours that aren’t typical to the actual print, gives a nice fem and edgy appearance.


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