Don’t Forget…

.. to take me with you. I just love you so much I just want to hug and snuggle and be by your side as much as I can.


14 thoughts on “Don’t Forget…

  1. Don’t worry. You’re on my phone non-stop. You are always in my mind, Genevieve. Even when you go on about products I have never heard of, you are still on my mind. Keep being beautiful, beautiful.

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    1. Idiots are the only people who would not follow Genevieve. I love this woman. When I first started to follow her, I thought I was going to trollerskate on here, given that I thought she was secretly a sales representative for a department store. But when I further read her material, especially the one about the fungus garden she grew on accident, I started to fall in love. God Bless Genevieve, Just THE Lady With A Blog.

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  2. My cats missing so I almost cried at this. I promise I’ll never forget you Moët , and the special year I had with you, watching you grow from a little fluff ball to the cutest little silver grey cat that would snuggle with me every night xx

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