Hybrids by Whitley Strieber

Hello everyone,

I finally finished this book. I actually started reading it awhile back and for whatever reason I put it down and didn’t finish it. So after I ditched the bad book that was dragging me down I picked this one back up. I seem to buy more books than I have time to read I seriously have at least 10 books and counting I want to read but it takes me a longer time to get through. Not that I read slowly I just don’t read as often as I’d like. Anyway onto my review of this one. I have no idea why I put it down when I did because wow.

This novel affected me even when I wasn’t reading it I was thinking about it, even dreaming about it. This novel touches on a fear and interest in alien species more specifically hybrid human/alien species walking among us infiltrating from the inside out. Only in this story the hybrid species are man made and now the human race a victim of their own making. The hybrids go on battling for domination and even battling humanity within themselves. This action packed novel does not disappoint with exciting and terrifying battles of epic proportions.

Though at times I felt it was forced as though the story or characters were forced into being in the story and did impossible things. The novel didn’t flow smoothly and I couple times I read the same section to try and find the flow or attempt to understand what Whitley was trying to make me feel. I felt more like the novel was being told to me and not so much that it was unfolding, i was unable to be completely immersed. Than other times I was sucked in so deep only to hit another break in the flow. Many times I was like, okay just use your imagination, a knife can totally be thrown like a boomerang? I felt as though we were rushed through certain parts and than other parts dragged on like hurry up and wrap this up already.

I can’t lie this novel totally affected me in a creepy give me nightmares thrilling kinda way, it scared me and I was thoroughly disturbed, I like that. I only wish that it kept that steady pace throughout the entire novel instead of bouncing around like it did.

I give this novel a 3/5


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