March 2016 Favourites

Hello everyone,

It’s that time again yes for Monthly Favourites. Most of the products featured in this month’s favourites I have talked about before so I am not going to go into them too much. I had an incredible start to this month with my 5 year anniversary trip to Vegas with my most favourite person my spouse and the love of my life my best friend. Since I have been back though I been bothered by several things. I found myself grumpy and irritated. I have received bad news and worse news. I have been struggling to bring myself to my blog and write. I have lost interest in partaking in many of my hobbies as they sit nearby neglected. I skipped my workouts almost all month long. For no exact reason I am feeling this way but for many reasons. If you have been following along with my daily you may have already read similar entries as I struggle with my internal battle here. I will get through it I know and it isn’t easy. In the future I am sure once I have overcome and persevered I will share more into what is actually happening but I am not ready yet to try to sort it all out I am just letting it play out as it is out of my control. The only thing I can do now is make sure I am protecting myself particularly my mental health as I deal with these issues. When I am ready to talk about it I’m sure you my readers will hear more about this. Anyway I am in a way glad this month was over as it’s been difficult and I’m ready for April with hopes things will start to look up, so lets get to my favourites for the month.

Time & Again Scented Candle in Strawberry Citrus

I talked about this in my recent Shopping Haul so I won’t get into it too much but I am certainty loving this very bright fruity scent. It’s these things that are a much needed mood elevator.

Be Delectable from Cake Beauty in Strawberry and Cream

I’ve also talked about this a couple times this month, discovered this as a travel item and featured in Mini’s haul and Mini’s review. I have discovered this line has an array of products with many scents and I will be trying out some of those in the future.

Max Effects Naturals Eye and Face Makeup Remover

This item has been talked about a couple times as well discovered this in Try Me and has made a permanent position in my life.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

I talked about this before too in An Oxymoron Matte Lipgloss I didn’t give it a very good review then I mean I loved the colour but I had several issues with it. I tried it again and as long as you aren’t wearing it on a dinner date or anything like that it looks amazing. You will need to do touch ups and be careful about transfer but the the highly pigmented colour, well, I just can’t get enough of it this month.

Harmony Roller

I am obsessed with my Harmony Roller. I started using this mostly to help massage my foot as I am still struggling with Planters Fasciitis and my rupture injury. I am doing so much better but I don’t want to re-injure or anything so I have very thoughtful of my feet ever since. This massager is incredible. My spouse, I love him, but he is lousy at massages but I can give him this and turn my back to him for some amazing massage time! Absolutely love this thing!

Milani Powder Blush in Coral Cove

This is the first Milani product I have ever tried as it is not available in Canada. I picked it up while I was on my trip in Vegas earlier this month. I had discovered I loved Coral Blush when I tried Elf 50 Piece Makeup Artist Palette. Ever since coral blush has been my obsession. This blush is very pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. I love the pretty packaging and the beautiful rose shaped pressed powder. This has become my everyday blush and I would love to have more from this line. Unfortunately the Canadian dollar and my provinces economy isn’t doing so great so I will not be getting any more of this fabulous blush for an unforeseen amount of time.

Netflix Original Cooked

This has been my favourite show I wish there was more even but this food documentary has really held my interest. I learned so much from the show and was thoroughly entertained. I suggest watching this for sure to anybody!

A quick preview for you..


My favourite song this month from one of my favourite country Artists at this time Kip Moore – Running For You. I wouldn’t really consider myself a fan girl and I don’t feel star stuck or giddy like that but I do have a bit of a celeb crush on this man. Shh don’t tell my spouse. Kip Moore is gorgeous and humble and that voice, yeah, he can sing to me all day any day.


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