The Pathway


Hello everyone,

I have had a very difficult few days as I kind of mentioned yesterday in my NOTW post. I’m not really sure what was going on with me, I was really just having a really grumpy time. The slightest thing irritated me and I was seriously just miserable. Didn’t help I was sick for several days either. Anyway I am feeling better now even as I write this. I struggled to find something inspiring or motivational to say this week I kind of just wanted to throw in the towel and say never mind the whole Motivation Monday business. I scrolled through several of my photo’s hoping something would jump out at me. I sat there staring at this photo thinking it must be the one I want to use. The blank screen taunting me and no words to share. I felt anything but inspired and I’m still not really sure what exactly it was that had me so down.

I fought my way through it came up with some words I think I needed to hear me say to myself more than anything. Just a reminder that not everything is going to follow along my perfectly organized idea of how I think things should go. Sometimes you just need to be grumpy and that’s all there is to it. So I have motivated myself out of my grumpy mood and inspired myself once again that I can do this, this is my path and my journey, my lesson to be learned, and my inspiration to share with you to help motivate your Monday.


2 thoughts on “The Pathway

  1. Many years ago, I saw the late Madalyn Murray on a talk show. She was talking about depression and mentioned that yes, at times she felt blue. She said that since she never questioned why she felt happy, why should she question any emotion? She said that she would give it a day or two and then move on. She went on to say that this was not a case of clinical depression but her words have stuck with me all of these years. Sometimes we feel crabby because we do.

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    1. This has been really helpful! I like that so much sometimes we feel crabby because we do, so true. I really don’t want to say this is a case of clinical depression either but I am no doubt Grumpy! Thanks for sharing!


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