NOTW – Easter

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter weekend! Really any holiday for me is an excuse to make a seasonal dinner for my family and friends. Also I think the best chocolate comes out around this time, in my experience it’s the freshest as well. So many beautiful pale colours can be seen everywhere his time of year. So refreshing to see and makes me think of sugar cookies shaped like Easter eggs and decorated with coloured icing!

So I found ever pastel nail polish I could find in my collection and slapped them all on! Seems a bit young for me but it’s fun and cheerful. I’ve had a tough few days leading up to writing this so I am really hoping this playful nail art helps bring some light to my day! You may have seen some of these shades as I mentioned them to be duplicates from some polish’s that had gone bad in nail polish cull.


These Santee Polish’s really do need at least three coats to make the colour look really pop out especially these super pale pastel’s but who is complaining they cost me about 2 bucks each so no big deal.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


10 thoughts on “NOTW – Easter

    1. I used to get someone to do my nails for me it’s an expensive luxury. I was planning a trip to mexico and wanted to save money that was about 3 years ago. I grew out my own nails and got them back to health You don’t realize how much damage a nail salon is causing until you grow them out. I have since started doing my own nails as I still wanted the glam but not the price tag!


      1. I understand. I did the gel nails for a couple of years and it ruined my nails which had always been strong and long as I wanted them. I stopped cold turkey before Thanksgiving in 2014. My nails are most healed at this time but still “cracky” near the end. I’ve been taking biotine; don’t know if it helps or not. It sure was hard to get used to them without all that pretty stuff. I just put on clear nail hardener now. I love red. Maybe I’ll go red for Independence day.

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      2. It took me a little while to improve my nail painting skills but like you after healing them I just don’t want to go back it’s not worth it when I can easily paint them myself and a bottle of nail polish is 10 bucks or less so can’t go wrong with that! I notice different nail colours and designs really do impact my mood. Just having my manicure updated and looking beautiful is a mood elevator for me.

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