Shh, my show is on…

.. it is very important that I watch this right now.


11 thoughts on “Shh, my show is on…

      1. Haha I don’t know if your cat would like Ghost Adventures, because everyone’s always yelling. But you can give it a try! I also find it highly appropriate that he likes nature shows. How does he react to seeing other cats on screen?

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      2. I remember there was a cat mewing on TV and he was running through the house trying to find it. Mostly if he actually see’s it he just watches, it depends on what the TV cat is doing if it’s a cat fight he may crouch. If it’s a big cat hunting he watches intently occasionally pawing at the cats he see’s as well.

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      1. Not all cats watch though, my female kitty isn’t really interested in whats happening on the TV she is just a snob. I imagine if he spoke she would sound like a stuck up valley girl too cool for everything!

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