Shopping Haul

Hello Everyone,

This shopping haul is mostly based on some reviews that I have done from Mini haul, Mini’s Review, and Try me.

Some of the products I tried I just loved so much and I’m sure they will appear in my favourites at the end of the month which is creeping up on me really quick!

Time & Again Scented Candle in Strawberry Citrus

This candle is amazing! It smells so delightful a sweet smelling fruity fragrance. It’s not too overpowering for my space and it fills the room nicely. It burns really well and suggests it has about 40 hours of burn time. It reminds me of fruit juice and is a perfect introduction into spring!

Touch of Silver Intensive Treatment Conditioner

I have been using some of the other products from this line I talked about that in Many shades of Grey. My hair has been really dry and it is needing some help so I want to try out this intensive conditioner see if it makes a difference!

Be Delectable from Cake Beauty in Strawberry and Cream

This one is from the Mini’s haul and review and I don’t need to say too much about it because I talked about it a couple times already but * Spoiler Alert * this is definitely making favourites this month!

Ombra Spa Aromatic Foam Bath in Rose Green Tea

This will always be my favourite and I was going to get the Berries scent that I got in the Mini’s because they didn’t have it. I will get it next time for sure!

Max Effects Naturals Eye and Face Makeup Remover

I discovered this product in Try Me and it is incredible! I love how gentle and effective it is I just had to get the full size.

Hask Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

I tried the Argan Oil one in the past and I really love it, I even put it in my favourties last month. This time I picked up the Macadamia Oil to see if I like this one just as much! I try to use a deep conditioning at least once a month as my hair is so dried out and still recovering from damage.

I noticed Makeup isn’t really coming home with me a lot lately. This is unintentional I just really haven’t come across anything that is catching my attention at the moment. Maybe my next shopping haul! Anyway have a fabulous day friends and thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Shopping Haul

  1. Interesting haul. I really would like to have more recommendations about candles. They are so expensive. It is really irritating to me how many I can buy and the wick runs out long before the wax is gone! I’m not much of a shopper but maybe I can remember to try Time and Again.

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    1. So far it is burning really well, having a lead free cotton wick in it. I am really impressed with it some of my other candles have terrible wicks I agree but this one is really nice I too will be more likely to purchase more from this line.


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