NOTW -All The Luck

Hello everyone,

I know if you read my post St. Patrick’s day than you have already seen this nail look. I meant to update my nail look with a beautiful fun spring design but I am really not feeling well. I worked the weekend and when I came home I literally passed out on the couch without even eating or anything. So now I am up in the middle of the night struggling to go back to sleep but too sick to get the polish out. I won’t have time tomorrow to get the nails done before the end of the day especially if I am still feeling yucky, I guess my nail art wasn’t that lucky if I am feeling sickly. In the photo featured Is my mother and my manicure, I have recently began doing her nails too at least every other week when I have that day off. You may start seeing this more often. We had such a great night when we did these and had a bit of a taco feast! So much fun!


I have kind of been neglected doing some beauty posts I have a few great posts I’ve been working on and hopefully I can get those up soon. I was thinking of doing a new weekly feature where I share a drink recipe. Might be fun what do you think? Anyway I hopefully feel better soon and will get those blog posts pumped out.

Love you guys thanks for visiting!

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