St. Patricks Day


Hello everyone,

Almost every day this week we have tried an had an Irish dish. I don’t know just how authentic these dishes are because I’m seriously just googling Irish recipes and making the ones that look good. Apparently if you put stout, Irish cream, or whiskey in whatever your making it is suddenly Irish! No really though, I have been teaching myself more ethnic cooking and never really done a lot of Irish cooking so again not too sure how authentic these really are. There is Irish in my history but it goes back so many generations you’d never know, same with my spouse.

First up in my Lets Get Irish Week I started with this “Irish Tea Cake” I found on I do love going on that site for cooking inspiration as well as a few others. I followed this recipe exactly as it was written. I first tried it with my sleepy time tea when I was getting ready for bed, and than in the morning I made my coffee with Irish cream and had a slice then too. This cake tasted even better the next day.


I Made a Mushroom and Beef Boxty as well. The stew part was really delicious but I think the boxty part needs work. I don’t know what happened but I forgot to take pictures of all the Irish themed food I made.


This cake was up there on the list of most delicious ever! I also found this recipe on Just Incredible, I skipped the step of drizzling chocolate over top mostly because I baked this while I was at my mothers house and I forgot the chocolate chips. Than When I got home I forgot the heavy cream so no chocolate drizzle and I’m glad the cake was so rich as it was I would probably get diabetes just looking at it with a chocolate drizzle.


I know it’s not NOTW today but I did do mine and my mothers nails with a lucky Irish themed polish. I bought this green specifically for this look it is Sally Hansen instadri in I-rush luck.I have to say I am so disappointed in the selection of green nail polish around here I looked in three different tore to find this one. Also I don’t know but this stuff must be old because it bubbled up on every nail I put it on and only the green part bubbled so I know it is gone bad. oh well it still looks nice from afar.

Today on the menu I have a Corned Beef Brisket and cabbage. I make this every St. Patrick’s day, it has become a traditional St. Patrick’s day dinner for us. Do you have any St. Patrick’s day traditions? If so share them with me!


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