Wordless Wednesday – Feeling Lucky?

Buck and Winnie, at Harrah’s Las Vegas


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Feeling Lucky?

  1. I wish I were in Las Vegas right now. The water has been shut off in my apartment because they’re renovating the water lines. I have to wait until God Knows When to take a shower, and I smell like a rat. I had to use Mary Kay facial wipes to clean up. So much for Wordless Wednesday for today.

    #trolling #sorrygenevieve #ihatehavingnowaterinmyapartment #badmanagement


    1. Yikes! I do not envy that! Sounds like my badly managed condo… That’s something they would do, unannounced… I had to have a wipes bath too harvested from camping gear..


      1. Yeah, they had announcements, but every day they did the maintenance was the DAYS I HAD OFF FROM WORK. FML. And yes, I had to use wipes to bathe in the morning. It was BAD, baby girl.

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  2. Yeah… I feel cursed. This morning was the same deal at the new apartment because my shower pipes leaked in the bathroom downstairs. Every time I have spoken with you this month, Genevieve, I have had a water problem. I guess bathing in alcohol INSIDE and OUT is my future. You had nothing to do with the effed up plumbing in my life, but with your luck, you have heard about it TWICE now.


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