Covergirl The Super Sizer by Lashblast

Hello everyone,

Mascara and lipstick are my two favourite items in my makeup bag. I do like trying new ones as they come around to see if I will get a more dramatic bold beautiful lash. I was hearing good things about this one and although I usually don’t go for Covergirl products this one made it’s way home with me.

Yikes I accidentally fell asleep on the couch wearing this still and my eyes were on fire when I opened them. As I was wiping it off, my eyelashes were clumping together and I was losing lashes at a rapid pace! Literally clumps of my lashes were coming off. It’s so thick, sticky and thick I call this stuff lash killer. I find this stuff dries on really stiff to so it does hold that curl and that look a long time but ew, it is like I have lifeless eyelash spikes. I don’t normally go for waterproof mascara and I don’t know why I grabbed this one.

It is the hardest Mascara I have ever tried to remove, I can’t seem to ever get it completely off. I have tried many of my go to makeup removers and wipes and more to get this stuff off and it feels like a losing battle. This item makes the never purchase again list, I don’t know why some of my favourite beauty bloggers love it so much and what are they using to take it off.

After using this product I went mascara free for about a week or so just to allow my lashes to recover. Covergirl is not doing their brand any favours with this product and I’ll be more hesitant to try one of their mascara’s again in the future.

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