Las Vegas

Hello everyone,

I have recently come back from a trip to Las Vegas. It was my first time there, I was so excited and had just a really great time! I took so many photos probably too many! You may have seen some of them already in some of my other posts! I chose a select few to share here with you in this post, there as so much more, I think collectively we took at least 500 photos! I’ll spare you that and just show you some highlights from our trip.


Our first night we went on down to the Bellagio to see the fountain show, we got the song “Singing in the Rain”. It was so hot for us there it was nice to feel the mist of the fountain show. We got a really cute selfie too but I’ll save those for social media you guys don’t want to see all my selfies do you? I really don’t take a lot that statement made it sound like I was a selfie fanatic I’m really not.


This is the view from our hotel rooftop. We didn’t spend much time there though, there is just so much going on we only came back to the hotel to wash up and sleep. There was a pool and hot tub but we didn’t do that either.

Photos of the strip, it really doesn’t look like a lot of walking from one place to another but it really is. When/if you go there make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes because yikes you well be walking a lot!


Bellagio and the fountains during the daytime. We did go in and see the garden as well I took photos of all the interesting flora of course!


The Money Tree from inside the Bellagio Gardens.


The Flamingo, you can’t walk anywhere without someone trying to push something into your hand or sell you something. There were times when I felt like a walking dollar sign to these people.

Inside the Flamingo is a little bit of a garden as well, and Wildlife Habitat. In the photos featured above you’ll see pelicans, flamingos, swans, ducks, koi fish and turtles.

More photo’s from the strip. We went on the New York New York roller coaster, too much fun!


Excalibur, we did go to a show here we saw Tournament of kings. Such a unique experience we absolutely loved it and the food was good too. They serve you with no utensils and you watch a medieval based show. It’s so interactive and really brings you into the medieval feel.

We were so lucky to have great weather the whole time we were down there. Though these two Canadian Prairie folk were so hot feeling there we both got a bit of heatstroke. I didn’t do a whole lot of shopping because the dollar is in such poor condition. We made the best of our time there and now I can say I experienced Vegas. I don’t think it’s a place I’d return to as it really is a lot of walking, it’s exhausting and emotionally draining. It’s not a restful place to be but it certainty is an experience. We did rent a car and went out to the Mojave Desert which is beautiful and amazing to see the landscape so different than what I am accustomed to. I may share a separate post of that just because it truly was incredible. We didn’t really do any hiking as we were so sore and tired from walking the strip but we did do a driving tour and got out at a few stops to snap photos.

I think my honey has got the travel bug now as he is already planning our next trip. He says next trip we are going somewhere restful and relaxing, and that sounds good to me. If you have a suggestion for such a place share with me in the comments or tell me a Vegas story I’d love to hear.


11 thoughts on “Las Vegas

  1. Sounds like a good trip! But I agree with you, it’s so much walking….we went a few years ago and I don’t think I’d ever go back either, like you said it’s so much walking, so hot (it hit 121F when we went), and emotionally draining, not relaxing at all. But it was nice to see things there.
    Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to visit, but I felt stressed by the traffic, there seemed to be one main road and during summer it was very, very busy. I think my favorite place to vacation is Mammoth Lakes, it’s so beautiful and there’s lots of things to do but you can rest, relax and take things slow there and there’s some scenic drives and places to have picnics, and relax at the lakes.

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    1. It was good though I got the Vegas Experience that’s all I need there. I’ll look at those places you mentioned. I think my next trip won’t be in the States though especially if Trump is elected, unless I go before elections. Just cross my fingers he doesn’t get in that would be bad news for Canadians and well everyone. I don’t know know as long as there is a beach or something lol.

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  2. I’ve been to all and like The Tournament at Excalibur and the night lights are crazy. The expensive helicopter ride with champagne is cool too. I have a checklist whenever I go to AC or Vegas. 🙂

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