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Hello everyone,

I am currently getting ready for my 5 year anniversary trip. We are leaving the country and going to Las Vegas. I’m so excited we have never been so it’s going to an incredible time for us. I don’t know about you, but I get travel anxiety right before I need to leave. It can be debilitating and I can actually forget very important things because I am fretting about something or trying to convince myself it’s okay. So one of the best things you can do when going on a trip is prepare in advance.

Important details to take care of before you leave:

  • Make sure all your travel documentation is in order and nothing is expired.
  • Make a photocopy of your travel docs, in case of an emergency or if you lose yours
  • Contact your cellular provider and let them know you will be leaving the country they often have a plan depending on where your going
  • Also let your bank and credit card providers know that you are leaving the country and be sure to have any phone numbers necessary for them
  • Have your accommodation reservations booked as well as any events that may require a reservation
  • Check with your health insurance plan to see if you are covered while traveling, you may want travelers insurance
  • If you sign up to hotels with your email they may offer discounts and coupons to events and more
  • Download a map and guidebook of the area you are going to, or grab a paper one
  • Check the weather of your destination so you can pack accordingly
  • Depending on where your going make sure your shots are up to date check with your Doctor or Pharmacist if your unsure
  • Make sure you bring any prescriptions you may need, ensure the prescription label is in tact
  • If you have pets and plants at home make sure you have someone you trust that is reliable to check in on them. Leave them a nice detailed list of tasks you need because people forget. Show them where items are they will need. Also ask them to bring in any papers, shovel snow or take care of anything that might need to happen while your away. If it looks like no one’s been home in awhile you may be leaving an invitation out for a burglar
  • Take note and even photo document any valuables you are bringing and record it should anything be stolen, you have something to offer to authorities
  • You shouldn’t advertise on your social media you won’t be home either this could also be an invitation to an unwanted visitor. By the time you read this I’ll already be back from my trip.

What to pack for your trip:

I don’t want to make a whole big deal about what to pack I’ll make a quick list of essentials but seriously people the idea is to pack light. Everything should fit into one bag. Check with Transportation Security as to what is allowed to go on a plane to make going through the checkpoint a breeze. Worry about only taking what you actually need if you find you need something you can probably find it at your destination.

  • Earplugs this is really important ever been on a plane with a crying baby? Yeah I bet you wish you had some of these. Ever have noisy nieghbours in your hotel? Mhm, avoid all that by just picking some up.
  • Prescriptions as I mentioned earlier be sure to have them with their original labels in tact
  • A water bottle it is important to stay hydrated and the price of bottled water can be ridiculous. If your going somewhere that has unsafe drinking water budget for that or even grab some water purification tablets.
  • Toiletries in accordance with the regulations, ladies don’t forget your fem hygiene products
  • Sleep mask, this may be optional but I do like to nap on the airplane and it helps
  • Notepad and pen, especially if you want to write about your experiences, imagine telling a story of your trip and having to say “oh man I forgot the name, but it was amazing!”
  • I like to bring a scarf it is easy to wear and layer and can be useful for many things. Take it from my favourite novel the Hitchhikers Guide “Don’t Panic TowelNever leave home without one” A scarf is basically just a trendy towel.
  • I like to bring a couple clothes pins especially if I’m packing a swim suit to easily hang dry my garments.

Dress for the Occasion:

  • Comfortable shoes that are easy to put on and take off, I made the mistake once of wearing a pair of ankle boots. They weren’t hard to put on or take off really but the heel in them had a metal spike, that set the metal detectors off at the airport. Try to avoid that situation it wasn’t fun.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, planes are not the most comfortable place to be for several reasons and neither are airports so try to wear non restrictive comfy clothes. I suggest layers as air conditioning and weather may change several times before you reach your destination.
  • Wear support socks, even if you don’t have a medical grade prescription compression sock you should at least get an over the counter pair. I can’t stress this enough I see on a regular basis people with otherwise healthy legs get a blood clot from flying without protecting their legs with support socks. Talk to a doctor or pharmacist for more information.

While on Vacation:

  • Don’t forget to keep all your receipts of purchases while traveling to make coming back through customs a breeze
  • Beware of people who are over eager to sell you something most times it’s a scam they get you by asking questions that the only logical answer would be yes. If you say no to these guys and those questions it throws them off, better yet avoid them! Timeshares are the worst for this
  • Take lots of pictures, but be sure to come out from behind the camera and take it all in
  • Enjoy your on vacation why you listening to me tell you what to do while vacationing, just get out there and do it, often!

In the future I may think of more things to add here and update this to be even more helpful. If you have any ideas or travel tips you think I should add let me know in the comments!


14 thoughts on “Travel Tips

  1. “We are leaving the country and going to Las Vegas.” – do you mean:
    1. You are leaving your country (US) and believe LV to be in another country?
    2. You are leaving your country (non-US) and going to LV?
    3. You are leaving the countryside and going to LV?

    The English Language can be a wonderfully confusing communication tool! 🙂

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  2. These are really good tips! I never knew that about the cell phone companies, I’ll have to look into it next time. And yes, bottled water is a must in some places, even to wash fruits and vegetables in.
    Enjoy your trip to Las Vegas, hope you have lots of fun!

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  3. Tip for airports, too…. as long as you can use the drinking fountains for the airport you are in: you can’t always bring bottled water through security (at least in the US) but you can bring an empty bottle! Usually right past security you’ll see a bubbler/drinking fountain that you can then fill the water bottle from so that you don’t have to pay the ridiculous prices for airport beverages. Airports/airplanes always dry out my nose and throat horribly, and you certainly do not want drinking water FROM the airplane. Bring your own onboard from the airport, trust me.

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    1. I did mention the water bottle on what to bring yes, because purcashes at the airport is usually way over priced. I too get really dry I think it is the air conditioning. Hold on to that bottle because water something so simple and necessary is marked up incredibly high. Your right most airports I’ve seen have water fountains just based security.


  4. I’m also so glad that you mentioned social media. If you really want to share pictures from your trip, set up a group on facebook that’s just your parents or siblings. Otherwise, wait until you get back, and don’t talk about packing/booking tickets/etc. If you mention that you are travelling someplace (ie, if you’re asking for recommendations on things to see) it’s best to stay vague — “we’re planning a trip” or “we’re thinking about going to”. There are so many stories of people’s houses being broken into; at one point someone even made an app that scanned social media and public records to show houses near where you presently were that the owners were presently NOT HOME (because they had “checked in” somewhere or posted from another city, etc). The app was controversial, but his point was really — this wasn’t hard to do, all the information is public and you’re basically advertising that you’re not home anytime you post somewhere with your location. :/

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    1. I see this all the time and it is really scary. I wait until I have returned to share things and make sure only the people on need to know bases are aware of the details. Criminals want easy targets and social media makes their job even easier when individuals share such information of their exact whereabouts. I didn’t know about that app but it doesn’t surprise me. I think a lot of individuals need to educate themselves more on internet saftey.


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