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Hello everyone,

I have been seeing this look around and I just had to get on it. I actually used the horoscope section of the news so if your sign is one of the four I cut up than I have your reading right here! The Book I’m reading looks pretty intense as I look back at my photo some very powerful words there. It’s an intense scene.

For this nail look I used a white base, let that dry completely. Then I cut up the horoscope section of the paper into nail size strips. I soaked a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and gently wet the newsprint onto the nail. Carefully pull the paper off and viola newspaper nails. I can’t remember where I saw it first I really wanted to share because that individual had beautiful roses painted on it and they just looked stunning. I’m sorry I am wishing I bookmarked that to share.

If your one of my followers who are anxiously awaiting my review on the base coat I featured in a previous NOTW titled All About That Base, well wait no longer!

Poshe base coat is formaldehyde, toluene and phthalate free so right away it is winning. I mean it still smells like poison but nearly as bad as lots of other polishes out there. It dries really quickly and sets up a really nice protection for a colour polish. The additional information I was testing is how does this base coat stand up to staining nail polish? I wore my most staining beautiful red polish. The base coat protected my nails perfectly! There was no staining from the red polish! This product is a win, and it’s super affordable I think It was $8.00  (CAD)?


20 thoughts on “NOTW – The Power of Words..

  1. Good day,
    I do gather that you like painting your nails! (So do I but too much of what I do takes it off so it doesn’t happen often and when it does I stick to basics.) I was just wondering, have you ever thought to try making your own? With a high-quality base it looks pretty easy (far as I can tell.) If you are curious you might start with a look at a kit that Voyageur Soap and Candle Making sells. (It’s a Canadian company in B.C.: Their nail polish kit has everything you need from base to mixer balls, colours, glitters and bottles. They sell everything separately too but the kit looks like a quick and easy way to see if it is something you want to make. Just imagine the ability to customize All your colours and effects!

    Far as I remember it is a very good base without any of the chemicals or nasty ingredients we’d like to avoid applying to our bodies.

    Anyway, just thought I’d mention it in case you or some of your readers might be interested.

    Happy polishing!
    Grey Dove

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    1. Oh how interesting. I do appreciate supporting my local business or in this case business’s within my own country. No I never thought of doing this before didn’t really consider it as a thing but I’ve clicked the link and bookmarked the page I’ll for sure check it out! Thanks for the tip!


      1. So glad you are intrigued! For various reasons it sadly isn’t the project for me but I do think it could be lots of fun! If you try it I hope you’ll post the results!

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      1. True, true. Give me some nail polish, and I’ll be happy. I am doing my nails in four days. I’m preparing for Easter, which is in MARCH again. What am I going to do in April? April Fools. I know my prank. I’ll hide my fiancé’s belongings in a garbage can that day.


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