The Dragon Rescue

Hello everyone,

No I didn’t actually rescue a mythical creature and I’m pretty sure if I encountered a dragon I would be the one needing rescue.

The plant in the featured image is actually a member of the Dracaena family. There are many different species of Dracaena typically referred to as Madagascar Dragon Tree. I didn’t realize at first this was a Dracaena because I have two of them and they all look different. This rescue came from a friends house, one of her creatures attacked it and took it right off it’s trunk or “cane”. She put it in a glass of water and gave it to me. I wasn’t sure this guy was going to make it either but I gave it some love, soil, and sunlight. I recently noticed some new leaves coming out the middle there and I knew it was going to make it. A couple of the leaves were trimmed because of the damage inflicted upon the plant. Her mother plant stands about 4 feet tall so my little offspring has a ways to go before it reaches an impressive size. This plant can grow up to 20 feet tall! This particular specie of Dracaena is called Dracaena fragrans or “corn plant”.

Above are the two other Dracaena’s that live with me. I’ve had these plants the longest out of all my plants at almost 4 years now. They were the first one’s my spouse and me got together and what sparked the great green thumb in me.


I happened to find this photo, it is the earliest photo I have of their lives. Here you can also see my kitty watching TV. His favourite programs are America’s Funniest Home Video’s, Planet Earth, and well basically any nature show. This particular one was about birds I do believe. Any way this isn’t a cat mews post this is a dirty hoe is a happy hoe post.

This particular specie of Dracaena is Dracaena marginata, Red-edge Dracaena or Madagascar Dragon Tree. These babies can grow up to 15 feet tall! Thankfully I have a long way to go before that happens. The Dracaena is toxic to cats and dogs and that’s why I keep them on those stilts but I don’t really have a problem with my cats interfering with the plants. In fact I grew them their very own plant and they wanted nothing to do with no cat grass but just to be safe these guys are out of reach. The plants like moderate to bright and indirect sunlight. These guys do not tolerate fluoride. There used to be fluoride in the water here and I was wondering why the tips of the leaves would turn brown. A little bit of research told me I needed to filter their frigging water those divas. So keep that in mind if your planning to get your own little dragon and watch that your water does not contain fluoride. As with most houseplants be sure your pot has drainage to avoid root rot and only water when the top inch or so of soil is dry. You can snip the top off of these plants if they get too tall or if you jut want to propagate it. The cane where you snipped will often sprout two sometimes three canes. A lot of people like to plant multiple Dracaena’s in one pot all different lengths. I’ve also seen people braid the canes together. If and when mine get too tall I may try that. The one has been sniped and has three canes coming out while the other one just has the one cane. I tried to braid the one with three canes but I gave up. I might have to look into how to do that a little bit more and maybe I’ll try again. In the summer time I fertilize once a month with a liquid based fertilizer and I haven’t fertilized at all this winter. I recently re-potted them into these bigger pots and wow that root spiraled around the bottom of the plant very aggressively so I have reduced fertilizing them.

Aside from all that these guys have been very low maintenance and didn’t even suffer from the terrible gnat infestation of 2015. The Gnat traps I set in these guys came out clean so that was good. Not everybody pulled through the gnat disaster the three that did the worst I featured them here, well an update on that, the polka dot died the soil was crawling and just no, I put it outside in the snow to die. I had originally thought it was because i had to bring outside plants in from the balcony but I’m thinking now I may have bought this polka dot with the infestation and brought it home I don’t know. The umbrella has lost all but one leaf and it is about to go. The lipstick might come back, I may have saved a couple vines, time will tell. If you click those link you can see how sad it was looking. I’ll have to show you an update on it sometime soon.

I’m learning a lot about gardening and these plants, it’s these fails that teach me the most. Dealing with these issues gives me a new respect for what farmers do. I know these are only houseplants and not my source of food but it does go to show that something so small barely seen can cause such devastation. The lipstick plant had been devoured by the larva eating away at the root system. I will strive to be a better gardener but as I’m learning sometimes you can’t save them all. It’s a learning curve!

I can feel good about this win though as the Dragon is loving life! All three of these Draceana plants are slow growing so I am not too worried about these taking over anytime soon. I’ll worry about that later, that’s when I will be the one in need of rescue from the three dragons!


19 thoughts on “The Dragon Rescue

  1. Love you post, especially adore the cat watching TV. I have these plants all over the place but never knew what they were, so thank you for that! Have a lovely day!

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      1. Wow that’s crazy cool! Now you know what they are I’m glad I could help you. I don’t think these plants would survive the wild in my climate but they do really well in my house.

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  2. Enjoyed your post so much! Consider getting Cactus; it is a very low maintenance plant and almost nothing can kill it. Though I can grow plants, you don’t even need a green thumb for cactus to thrive.

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    1. I’ve been wanting to pick up some cactus I haven’t had much luck with them in the past maybe I let them get cold or something I don’t know. I have Christmas cactus but that’s more tropical.

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      1. I just put the cactus in a clay pot, placed it on the windowsill, pulled down the blinds (over it), watered it rarely; and basically forgot about. This and my jade plant were treated similarly; both succulants. Maybe yours was a bad plant or something
        You shouldn’t have had any problems with succula

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      2. I was growing it before I actually had an interest like I do now. I have killed a jade too the same time but I think that was because I over watered it that time. I’ve been hesitant to try again but I think I may try again. I really want an African Violet first though and than I’ll consider succulents again

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    1. Me either I just am like oo that’s pretty and so i am learning first hand just how much care these plants need. When I get into something I go big so I have a lot of plants and watering them all really is a big chore.

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