What’s A Garden Without Flowers?

Hello everyone,

I know I talked about only growing tomatoes and basil in my post of 2016 goals and I have already got my tomatoes and basil all sorted out as you know from A lady and her seeds. However last year I forgot all about getting flowers in the garden and then I was out there like a crazy lady attempting to pollinate my own my garden. This year I will not make the same mistake. I know Tomatoes are easy enough to self pollinate just by shaking the stalks but it’s nice to choose something to add colour to the garden. Bee’s are often attracted to yellow, white, blue, violet, and purple. Depending on space I have left I may pick up a couple more varieties that are a little more beneficial than the ones I have here. I grabbed ones suitable for cut flowers as I couldn’t find the bee friendly ones I wanted. There are just so many options! I was so excited I didn’t realize I grabbed a perennial either. Oh well I’m not sure if my current perennials are overwintering very good in their containers so I will probably have more room out there than I think. These particular flowers will be able to carry blooms right through the summer into the fall when there may be less blooms so I am still on the search for some early blooms too. The wildflowers will be a nice surprise as there is such a mixture who knows what I’ll get. This lady really needs a yard and not a balcony so I can really let me green thumb go to dirt!

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