February 2016 Favourites

Hello everyone,

Again I knew I wasn’t going to have a whole lot to share with your as far as monthly favourites go. I have been saving all my free time and beauty budget spending money for a trip and have refrained from buying new products to try. It’s been tough but it will be so worth it.

Maison – The Collection Hand Lotion in Vanilla Lavender

This actually came with a hand soap as well as a little caddy but I haven’t tried those yet. These smell amazing I sampled some of the other lotions and really liked  Sparkling Champagne also. I appreciate that it is not greasy or heavy on the hands. The light scent doesn’t go sour on the skin either it stays very true to it’s fragrance.

Live Clean Hand Soap in Sweet Pea

I’ve only been using this for about a week so far but I’m really enjoying it. Has a light fresh scent. I’ve found in the past a lot natural or plant derived products tend to smell sour and expired really quickly but this one does not turn a nasty sour smell on the skin which I enjoy. The fragrance in it is fresh and not like a essential oils extract over bearing scent a lot of thee all natural products may have. My hands do feel clean as I do get that satisfying lather using this product. It says on the package it i 98% plant derived, Sulfate, phthalate, and paraben free. Bonus points it’s a Canadian product and I really do go out of my way to support products from my own country. Especially in these poor economic times.

Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea n True Blueberry

Wow, I never knew i loved Blueberry Tea so much. The first time I made this every sip I took I couldn’t help but exclaim “Mm I love this!” I am bad for pouring a tea and then getting caught up doing something only to come back to a cold tea. I drink it anyways usually just chugging it back or something, but wow this tea tastes so yummy chilled too. I will most definitely be reaching for this a lot!

Hask Argan Oil from Morocco Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment

I started using masks in my hair just last year. My hair was really damaged from excess colouring and premature grey which I talked about in a previous post here, and plan to talk about more soon which I can link back here in the future. I am in love with this stuff it really is helping to repair the damage my hair looks and feels silky smooth and beautiful. I have only been using this about once a month.

Scope Outlast Minibrush

Yeah I love these things they are so incredibly handy I stash them everywhere. I have some in my gym bag, lunch kit, purses, camping, you name it. No water necessary brushing on the go. I guess the packaging may be a bit wasteful and a travel toothbrush would be ideal however you don’t always have access to water and sometimes want to quickly freshen your breath. These are perfect for that.

Bamboo De-tangling Comb

I wish I could remember where I got this but I can’t. I wanted to throw it in on this post because even though I’ve had it awhile I’ve only recently started using it more. I don’t blow dry my hair very often but when I do I like to use this first to comb through the damp hair. I notice less fallout if i use this to de-tangle hair.

Wordless Wednesday

I started this feature this month, mostly because I still wanted to post and connect with my blog friends while I was so busy. February and March are so such busy months for me. I may keep this going even when I have more time just because it is getting such a wonderful response.

Monday Motivation

I also started this feature for the same reason. I think I may continue this as well because it is so fun to make those photos and I feel inspired!


This has been such a game changer for me. I started doing Pilates and following her monthly calendar and it’s been really great! She is so inspiring and beautiful I am enjoying my fitness journey with her guide.

Yoga Camp

“Do What Feels Good” and Yoga with Adriene. Also this month I have been making time for this Yoga Camp. Basically 30 days of Yoga and was pretty awesome! I have never really been into yoga much before but I really enjoyed this and even surprised myself with the accomplishments from this camp. I made a public playlist or yoga camp to share with you guys. I know I’ll be back to do this again in the future.

Songs this month:

I love these guys and this song has made number one on my playlist.


I recently went to see Brad Paisley, Eric Paslay, and Cam at the Crushin’ it World Tour! We got a ridiculously good deal on the tickets and couldn’t refuse. It was awesome, we had such a great time amazing artists, so this song has to go on my favourites for that!


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