NOTW – Cheat Day

Hello everyone,

I know I was going to finish off my review of the base coat from last week but as it turns out I left my nail polish remover over at my mother’s house and forgot to get it back in time. So today is a bit of a cheat day. I went back and found a few nail photo’s I took from before I started this blog and picked out a couple to share with you. I will make sure to get my nail polish remover back and I will update you on the base coat turn out next time.

So far it is looking really good on my nails still, for a week into my manicure I still have very lovely looking nails. My dish scrubby sometimes takes off my nail polish and so the one nail is looking shabby but that’s okay. I’ll get that nail polish remover and finish off my review. Until then I hope you enjoy my old NOTW’s


I don’t have either of those polish’s anymore I don’t know what happened to the pink but that is the Sally Hansen silver polish I threw out in Nail Polish Cull I remember this was the first nail design I did when I got a dotting tool so i just wanted dots everywhere! Also this is about when I first started doing my nails instead of having them done at the salon. My cuticles don’t look as healthy back then as they do now. I’ve come a long way since then.


All Avon polish for this design. That is the Vintage Blue I threw out in the cull before it went nasty. I haven’t used the middle nail polish graffiti since and I don’t know why the glitter is so unique and fun!


Another polish that was lost in the great cull was that Avon Lavender, this is what is was supposed to look like.


I was actually going for something else with this nail art I remember the green showed up looking more blue than I wanted and my watermelon nails looked funny but I still sported it mostly because I had already spent all night working on them and didn’t want to start over.


This was actually Valentines day from last year. I bought these two colours together with an inspiration for a cafe themed nail but I never did do that.


Essie’s Fiji is pretty much my favourite and most used polish it’s the same I used in the previous old valentines photo.


Funny story about this one. My associate showed up wearing the same transforming effects nail polish only on a green base. We had both painted our nails the same day and used the same Revlon transforming effects polish. We took a pic of our samesies I just don’t remember where we posted it.

Some of these bottles of polish I don’t have anymore and I’ve address this in my nail polish cull post.

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