NOTW – All About That Base

Hello everyone,

I finally remembered to buy myself some base coat. I couldn’t find any that I had tried already so I grabbed this as it really was the only one I could find. I found a different one but it was three times the price so I choose this one.

It says it is formaldehyde, toluene and phthalate free so that is awesome! Now lets see if it works! It really is fast drying like I said but I still waited 20 minutes before putting on my colour. I choose the most staining colour I have in my collection to test out how well the base coat protects against staining. I’ll let you know how it works in next weeks Nails Of The Week.


7 thoughts on “NOTW – All About That Base

  1. Thank you for not making this about Meghan Trainor and that song. I would have probably unsubscribed. I like the title with the base of the nail bit, though. You always reel me into your posts with these outlandish titles. I love it.


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