First Fishing of 2016

Hello everyone,

You may have already seen some of these photo’s in previous posts or maybe I’ll use some in the future. Either way here is the full adventure in my backyard.


This is my first fishing of this year. We didn’t do any ice fishing this year due to our injuries. As you can see a lot of the ice has melted away already and there is no chance of ice fishing. At least not in my little area of the world. I have only been fishing for a short time now, we bought starter cheap rods a couple years ago. We discovered we really enjoyed this sport and wanted to continue so this rod is my new upgrade. We got them over the summer and I barely used mine. So nice to have the break and get out on the river.


I actually went on this fishing adventure on Valentines day. We saw many others out too. Lots of other fishers, families, I even witnessed a photo shoot now that was a camera. This little wonder of a beauty is located in a fairly large city not to far from the city I live in. Because of it’s location I am not too surprised to see so many people out, it was a long weekend even Monday February 15th is family Day in my province.


A shot of my better half and our friend way down at the end. Something about standing on melting ice really gets my adrenaline going. Be careful it is really slippery. It’s really shallow so if I went through, it wouldn’t be too scary. Though our friend almost lost his tackle box in some ice that broke away. Luckily he was able to grab it before it floated down river. The keys to the truck were in there!


If I had a better photo taking device you would see here a flock of ducks here. As I was fishing it was all you could hear was them quaking away! We should have been duck hunting not fishing am I right!? I was able to watch the males court, and even get into a little scuffle that took to the air. Thoroughly entertaining to see them in action, made me hungry even seeing the ratio of males to females, I thought about it.. There was lots of wildlife out I spotted one hawk, and even two Canadian Geese, and some seagulls.


This is the closest thing I have to a selfie from the adventure. I just wanted to mention what a shitty fishing spot this was. No really though it was a little messy in this area which can only mean one thing somebody was eating nearby and we want some of that fish action too! It is very important to always wash your footwear and your gear whenever venturing into the waters to prevent the spread of “Rock Snot.” Rock Snot is basically an algae that lives on rocks and river bottoms, preferring cold waters. Scientists are still researching this to see if it’s invasive or native. I haven’t done a ton of research on it but there are warnings to all anglers about “Rock Snot”. I mean ew I don’t want something called Rock Snot or the poo I’m standing on anywhere near anything that shit is getting washed away!


I just love these moments in life it’s so wonderful to slow down and take the time to appreciate the wonder around us. I can capture the moment with my camera but it’s important to also get out from behind it and enjoy the moment as well. The ripples you see in the water is actually from a good wind coming up from behind me. This was somewhat beneficial for my casting as it did kinda take my line far out into the river.


Such A beautiful day I think I may have even got a sunburn but only on the one side of my face. The snow and ice is literally melting away under my feet. My spouse doesn’t like his picture taken so I have to sneak these in when he’ not looking he he he.


We didn’t walk too far out along the river but we did try a couple different spots. No fish were caught by us today but that’s okay, it was such a wonderful day regardless. Time to pack up and head on home.


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