A Lady and Her Seeds

Hello everyone,

I am one happy lady, I got to take a trip to my garden centre and plant nursery. Seeds are out! I made a promise to my spouse I wouldn’t take over the whole balcony with my garden this year so we can get patio furniture. I had decided then that I was going to only plant Tomatoes and Basil. I talked a little bit about this in a previous post. I am not sure if my perennials are going to come back in spring because they are only in containers and I don’t know if they survived the warm winter we had, only time will tell.

The tomatoes I planted last year were “Super Sweet 1000” they preformed really well and I thought they were delicious! My spouse didn’t really like them said they were too sweet, so when I was in the store I didn’t know what variety to get so I got them all. Or at least what they had. I do also have a mix or Hierloom tomato seeds that I also plan on starting. I’ll be that lady pawning off tomato and basil plants come spring time! I also got myself a little garden journal so I can record and document my experience. Hopefully I can come to a conclusion which breeds suit my tastes, and growing conditions.

After my little incident with the peat pots I vowed never to use them again. So I found at a Dollar store these plastic little seed starters perfect for starting my seeds in! I am so excited to get started on these guys. As you can see I also got three different types of basil as well. I planted Cinnamon basil last year and just absolutely loved it so I grabbed some more! I wanted to try growing some of the other flavours as well. The Tomato varieties I got this time are “Big Beef”, “Starfire”, “Bonny Best”, and the Heirloom I mentioned earlier. The basil varieties I got are “Sweet Basil”, “Lemon Basil”, and “Cinnamon Basil”. Lets get this planting started!


21 thoughts on “A Lady and Her Seeds

    1. Yeah, we got a lot of chinooks this year so not much snow! We’ve already been out fishing! What grow zone are you. Mine says last frost date is may 22 and to start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks. I am started early and hoping we don’t get another hit in may. We have such a short grow season as is. I did well with tomato’s last year so here is hoping.


      1. Ahah yeah try growing zones are really just a guideline. I’m zone 4 I use it as a guideline, just because a plant doesn’t list my zone doesn’t mean it won’t grow just means no one has spent the time testing. Weather is just confused I wish it would make up it’s mind and either be winter or not be winter.


  1. I’ve been wanting to try growing spices and you have inspired me to finally do it! Of course, I’m in western PA right now and it’s been snowing since last evening, so I’m just in the planning stages now… 😉
    Good luck with your “crops” this year!

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    1. Oh yay! I’m glad I was able to inspire you! Nothing is quite like fresh picked herbs. Last year I grew cilantro it was amazing, by the time our herbs hit grocery stores the flavour has already been compromised, more or less depending on the herb, Like Cilantro. Lots of herbs grow really well indoors too! Thanks I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted, good luck to you as well.

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    1. Thanks, oh the cinnamon basil was amazing the colour was beautiful almost purple. Plant basil near to your tomatoes if you are growing them they are buddy plants and compliment flavour and pest warding.


      1. Fun!! I’ve been saving all our egg cartons and veggie containers to see if they’ll work. Thinking about starting a compost bin of some kind, too. We have a big yard and hope to get a garden in that the rabbits don’t devour this year! 😦

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      2. Oh no! Not rabbits, I only have a small balcony so I don’t have a lot of pests to contend with. Last year I got aphids pretty bad though.. Some flowers and plants as companion planting may help to deter rabbits?

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  2. Good choices! Basil and tomatoes have always been my go to also when I have little space to plant. A Summer without Caprese Salad is no Summer at all to me. lol

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