What is this? How to request? How to Unfollow?


This is a post on a private site that you’re following, but not currently a member of. Please request membership to display these posts in Reader.

Came across this in my reader feed how is this entertaining why is it here and how to get rid of it. If I’m following something that is private because I’m not a member I do not want to follow and I have no way of finding out who I need to unfollow, or request membership for that matter!


24 thoughts on “What is this? How to request? How to Unfollow?

    1. Right?! Like anyone would actually want to follow a anything they were blocked from. I don’t know who it is, how to find out, or anything. I want to not see this post anymore… I will not be requesting anything but unfollowing it is now my mission to find out who it is and probably block them somehow

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    1. Oh I am losing it here trying to go through my list of individuals I’m following and checking if I’m some non member or something I don’t even know. I should categorize this post with the rest of my WordPress fails posts.

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    1. Ugh, I am beginning to learn more about these bad parkers! So I have been a crazy lady going through that list and I have no idea who it is so I’m just clicking everybody. If I haven’t liked a post ever maybe it is because it was never on my reader feed because it was private. I don’t know how else to get rid of it.

      Thanks so much for the nomination I love it! I’m busy working on a couple others but I’ll get it out there into the world soon!

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      1. I have been busy as I got some blogging work. Is it a follower or someone who merely commented? If the latter you can merely block them. That I would have to get back to you on as my brain is like Swiss Cheese and I am having issues getting info on how to get paid from these sites.


      2. Worse it just showed up in my reader feed all I know is I’m following a private site.. need to request membership.. into the deep unknown reaches of the blogiverse .. I don’t know a name, a url, nothing.. I don’t know if they are following me only that I must be following them. It’s a long list to sort.
        Get some ham and bread for that cheese! Again congrats on your new writing projects and good luck!

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      3. Thanks regarding the gigs. I wish I could get a better answer than online as they take 20% and then a small fee and it says up to two weeks and I have a fourth gig I have until tomorrow night at 1030 and another where it is a 30 hour a week interview. I would like straight answers but have to wait. They are legit sites as several ppl here use them. I would still think you can scroll from people>followers and find the person. I have a person that just went private on me and I sent the invite. If I don’t get a yes I will delete her. A lot of people do it and do not realize they are shrinking their audience now and in the future.


      4. Nope it doesn’t say a name at all in the box only these words in a box

        “Oops!This is a post on a private site that you’re following, but not currently a member of. Please request membership to display these posts in Reader.”

        There is no way to tell if they are a follower on my blog. only that I am following mystery site.. I wish your answer was helping me more but it’s not.

        What is so secretive about this blog that it needs to go so private? ugh I don’t understand I want them to lose the follower of me because I can’t read anything anyways right? So why am I following it!? I’m getting frustrated.

        I looked where you told me but unless they were a follower and I knew their name, or it said private somewhere it won’t help..

        Maybe ask some of the other bloggers you know who work with these companies about how to get paid.


      1. Thank you. I would take you home with me, make you do my toe nails, and then tag team with me to beat my poor fiancé with a rolling pin. He is so cute, but I live to chase him around and toy with him.

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  1. I have seen this a couple of times. I wonder if the blog owner is aware of the settings. May be this is set up accidentally. Who in their sound mind…
    Sometimes I get a follower on Twitter and when I want to follow back I am informed that I have to ask permission for that. Very funny 🙂


  2. I don’t know if you followed me, but I am curious if it was me. I transferred to a self hosted site and transferred my subscribers through jet pack. The directions as per WordPress when you do this is to privatize your old site.. I’m wondering if there was an old link/post in your reader still… Just a thought to offer sanity and apologize if it was me!!


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