Monday Motivation

Hello everyone,

I am still enjoying this Motivation Monday series I hope you are too. On my walk to work I have to cross a bridge over this creek. I watch it change over the seasons and often stop on the bridge to take a quick look and reflect. I’m sure in time you will see more photos of this creek as it’s beauty always amazes me. A few days ago I noticed the creek melting already. The thin ice breaking and the water beneath flowing free. So today as I reflect it’s time to break the ice so I may also flow free. The only thing stopping us in life is ourselves if there is something we want we must break free and reach out and get it.

I was following along with a fitness dance video on youtube for a little while now and I have finally got through the whole thing, but she says “get ready to experience what it is to break free”. So my motivation from this is really a direct reflection of my fitness goals and the completion of this video, is only the beginning!


Try this video out and “Break Free” with me! If you do let me know how it goes in the comments! I’d also love to hear your break free reflections and or goals.


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