NOTW – I Love

Hello everyone,

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone or Anti-Valentine’s whatever it is for you. Want to know one of my favourite things about Valentine’s! The day after and all the sale chocolate woohoo!

I talked in my last NOTW post all about nail care, I decided to keep it going on with just a buffing for shine and a little bit of nail art. Love my nails, I am trying something new out this time, I am wearing my nails squared. I normally have them rounded in an oval shape so see how this test run goes if I like it maybe I’ll keep it for awhile.

This look is so easy to recreate all you need is a dotting tool, if you don’t have one a toothpick will do. Trim the tip of the toothpick to get a bigger dot. Put a little bit of polish on a sandwich bag, and dip the trimmed toothpick in it. Make two dots close together to form the top part of the heart. with the untrimmed end of the toothpick make a smaller dot at the bottom and fill in the space. Super easy and ridiculously cute!


12 thoughts on “NOTW – I Love

    1. Really that’s awesome, I have never heard of that person but we were thinking the same thing that’s for sure! Actually the best chocolate comes out around Easter, that is the best time to wait for discount chocolate!

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