Mini Haul – Literally Mini

Hello everyone,

I am getting really excited, my trip to Vegas is coming up really soon, my spouse and myself are going away on a trip to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! You may or may not have noticed I haven’t posted many new beauty product reviews, hauls or really bought anything lately. I have been keeping my budget pretty tight this month so we can spend it all on our trip. I did go out and buy a bunch of travel things and most of these products are new to me so I will be able to have reviews on them when I come back from my trip. I do not really trust the soaps and products from hotels so that is kind of why I want to bring my own in case they are bad. Also with the Canadian dollar being so poor right now I don’t want to have to buy these things. There are some products and restaurants in the states that we don’t get here in Canada. Canada has pretty strict rules, and also because the requirement to list both national languages many companies are unable to comply with these strict regulations. Approval may take a long time as well so sometimes I hear of a product that is not yet available in my country and may never pass the regulations. Most likely because here we are a monarchy, and the UK also has strict regulations, probably among the strictest regulations even. I am not completely sure. I usually try to buy Canadian whenever possible, support my local businesses and my country and all that, but I really want to try somethings that are unavailable to me. If my American friends would be so kind as to help me out here and let me know what American exclusive brands are out there and which products to avoid or try out! That would help me budget when I go shopping. As I mentioned before the dollar is really poor so I don’t want to spend to much on high priced items I could have shipped here later on. I am specifically looking for restaurants suggestions, perhaps American exclusive booze or drinks, stores, makeup brands, and whatever you can think of. Note this is my first time going to the states so basically any advice for this Canadian lady, much appreciated!

Thanks so much!


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