Just Another WordPress Fail

Hello everyone,

This isn’t the first WordPress fail post and something tells me it won’t be the last. The other day I was checking in to see my likes and check blog stats. Something I have become rather fond of, it’s so exciting to see my new friends liking and commenting on my blog. I recognize many of the names that appear and enjoy checking out your blogs too. I noticed that a follower I know I had been previously following and somehow now I was not. What, how am I suddenly not following a blog I was previously following? So I clicked the follow button and thought nothing much of it. It’s bugging me though am I mysteriously not following other great blogs. Is WordPress losing my follows? What’s happening!? So if you have noticed that I was following you and now I’m not, some unfollow glitch has hit me and I have not intentionally stopped following your blog. I am not even sure how to go about finding out who I may have unfollowed. Or even how to search for a blog I suspect might be missing without knowing the name off hand. Has anybody else noticed this happening to them?


20 thoughts on “Just Another WordPress Fail

  1. Hi Genevieve – This does appear to be a common occurrence and, as you note, how many Followers do we lose accidentally? Of course we also have regular stats irregularities – 1 visitor from 6 different countries; 5 Comments but no visitors etc. I just rely on the recorded Likes and Comments to assess my Blog activity … after all there is nothing else to work with! 🙂

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  2. This happens to me as well, I lose the blog in my mail and reader and have no clue why. I just go back and refollow. Must be a WP glitch!


  3. It’s happened to me, too. I thought that I had accidentally clicked on something in my body-language-equivalent to Tourette Syndrome.
    I’m relieved it’s not me. But still re-following those accidentally unfollowed.


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