Welcome to the Family

Hello everyone,

I clearly want to live in a jungle because yes this lady brought home another houseplant. I seriously am going to have to move out so my plants can “move in.” I had no intention of bringing a plant home with me the other day. We went to a grocery store we don’t normally go to and I saw this guy all tucked away in a pile of plants. This was the only split-leaf philodendron (Monstera deliciosa) there. All root bound and tangled up thirsty for a drink and some sunlight. How could I deny it? The plant was marked down $10 (CAD) from $30 (CAD) I just had to get it and bring it home with me. I’ve been saying for so long that I’ve wanted to add a Monstera Deliciosa to my ever growing plant family and there it was.


Above is the before picture, you can kinda see what I mean the split-leaf plant is so tangled up the leaves are all clustered under each other in the back. I looked at this thing and thought about possibly separating it into two plants but when I pulled it out of it’s pot there was nothing but tangled roots. Barely any soil left just a tangled mess of roots. I found my largest pot but I doubt it’s going to hold it for very long. Hopefully this summer when garden centres open up again I will be able to find a bigger one. The one I have will do for now, at least for a year hopefully the roots can spread out a bit more and by next spring maybe I can separate it. This plant grows aerial roots that reach out to anchor it. I cut some of these away before they got too deep into the rooting system so hopefully that will help and I’ll just have to be on lookout for more as they grow and cut them away. I also cut away some of the dead and dried up leaves you can’t see here but they were so tangled at the base of the plant they suffocated. It looks as though someone was cutting down the leaves too, maybe in attempt to keep it under control or maybe it had been propagated by cuttings before making it to my home.


Almost immediately the split-leaf plant responded to it’s new home and began to spread out. I decided at this point, to stake it a couple times in an attempt to untangle everything. It’s a temporary fix and I’ll have to keep up on rotating it to get them really untangled. I am hoping these methods will spread the plant out so It can possibly be separated at least into two plants in the future because this one will quickly take over and I’ll need to plant it in the bathtub just to contain it.


Much better, I can see the leaves and most of the Monstera Deliciosa is untangled at this point. Took a total of three stakes to get it this way. Positioned in front of the balcony window to get the eastern sunlight. I don’t use my fireplace anyway so it is a good location for it to stay as long as it likes. If it doesn’t respond to this location I may have to find a new place but for now it seems happy. I gave it a good drink this guy hasn’t had in awhile. I do believe if it had stayed in the grocery store any longer it would not have survived.

I did a little bit of research on the Monstera Deliciosa. but I have lots more to learn. If you have or have had one of these tell me about it.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Family

    1. I just don’t have it in me, I want them all really I do. There almost should be a gardeners anonymous for me. I’ll be the one there like just give me a cutting I’ll propagate that! Whatever they make me happy and really brighten the room up. Bonus keep the air in here fresher too! My biggest problem now is I need more windows!

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