Motivation Monday

Hello everyone,

I had such a great time with Motivation Monday last week I decided to do another one. This time I made my own motivation image using a photo we took during the summer on one of our fishing trips! This is the first time I’ve made one of these meme quote pictures. I just absolutely love this photo and the memories we had that summer at one of our favourite fishing spots. So truly blessed to experience the beauty in life and the simple pleasures. Sometimes in life we may grimace and feel pain, loss, or embarrassment over a past memory or even a great sadness from the past. These moments can sometimes be hard to overcome but we must forgive ourselves, allow ourselves to embrace the emotion and grow from it. All of what we experience shapes who we become. We can use our memories good or bad to learn and grown from them, to break free, rise above, and become a better person for it. It is okay to feel these emotions but we must not hide in our shadows with shame, but step into the sunshine with love.


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