100th Post!

Hello everyone,

I posted everyday at least once for the month of January I’d like to keep that going. As the title mentions this is my 100th post on WordPress! That’ so exciting, I am just loving it here so much I barely even look at any other social medias because this community I have found here is so much more enjoyable, inspirational, and supportive! When I started this blog I really just wanted to spill all the things that go on in my mind and share them I had no idea I’d be welcomed into such a wonderful community! One of the best parts of my day is reading your comments, and blogs. I love it, I love you guys and thank you for making this awesome with me!

I do have to say for the shortest month of the year it sure is one of the busiest for me! So many of my people have birthday’s during this month it’s unreal. Of these include my many friends and family, baby brother, and my boyfriend. We all know of Valentine’s Day but there is also Groundhogs day and Chinese New Year! I have a trip coming up real soon to get ready for this month. I got a ridiculous deal on some concert tickets. Not too mention our 5 year anniversary on the horizon. I also have that class again this month. As I am updating my calendar I am noticing I am going to a busy lady this month! I will do my best to keep posting regularly, I am loving the scheduled posting thing so if I can stay on top of that should go smoothly. I want to visit your blogs as much as I can too, so many wonderful posts to read, but if you don’t see me you’ll know why.

Thanks again so much you guys are amazing!


10 thoughts on “100th Post!

  1. Sometimes you just “gotta do what you gotta do!” The blogging community would seem to be very understanding and patient in matters of priorities… probably because we all experience variations of the same dilemma. Looking forward to future Posts šŸ™‚

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